How to choose the suitable printing ways?

Take plastic packaging round bucket as an example, If you want to add printing on the product that you need, generally supplier can offer a few common printing ways. Next, I will introduce different printing processes to you.

The first printing ways: Silk-screen printing. If the pattern of printing is made up of 1-4 types of colors, the color can be changed at will, and the gradient can not appear in the pattern. Its features are that the design is clear, simple and generous, water proof, scratch resistant, and no fading for a long time.
The second printing ways: Thermal transfer printing. The pattern can be composed of many colors more than 4 colors, and gradation can appear in the pattern. Its features are that clear, beautiful, generous, and greatly improve the level of product high-end quality. But its cost is slightly higher than silk-screen printing.
You could choose anyone according your personal needs.

Plastic Packaging Round Bucket

plastic round bucket

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Dimensions Of Plastic Packaging Round Bucket

25L Plastic Packaging Round Bucket

Plastic Packaging Round Bucket with metal handle or plastic handle

Plastic Packaging Round Bucket with several colors available

Plastic Packaging Round Bucket with lid and spout

Plastic Packaging Round Bucket with the capacity of 1~25L

           Plastic packaging round bucket from Qiming Packaging

Volume                                                                 Specification
1L                                                    123mm(Top dia) * 109mm(bottom dia) * 120mm(height)
2L                                                    157mm(Top dia) * 139mm(bottom dia) * 157mm(height)
3L                                                    185mm(Top dia) * 164mm(bottom dia) * 162mm(height)
4L                                                    195mm(Top dia) * 170mm(bottom dia) * 190mm(height)
5L                                                    210mm(Top dia) * 185mm(bottom dia) * 208mm(height)
10L                                                  258mm(Top dia) * 23mm(bottom dia) * 270mm(height)
15L                                                  280mm(Top dia) * 255mm(bottom dia) * 315mm(height)
16L                                                  285mm(Top dia) * 255mm(bottom dia) * 33mm(height)
17L                                                  290mm(Top dia) * 255mm(bottom dia) * 353mm(height)
18L                                                  293mm(Top dia) * 263mm(bottom dia) * 350mm(height)
19L                                                  295mm(Top dia) * 265mm(bottom dia) * 365mm(height)
20L                                                 305mm(Top dia) * 270mm(bottom dia) * 380mm(height)
American style 18L                           300mm(Top dia) * 260mm(bottom dia) * 363mm(height)
American style 20L                           300mm(Top dia) * 265mm(bottom dia) * 380mm(height)

Specification Of Plastic Packaging Round Bucket

Product name
Qiming plastic packaging round bucket
Custom size
Transparent or color as per demand
Heat Transfer Printing
security,anti-counterfeiting ,impact resistance
Pastic Handle or Metal Handle

Plastic Packaging Round Bucket View


1-25L Plastic Packaging Round Bucket

Red Color Plastic Packaging Round Bucket

1-25L Plastic Packaging Round Bucket

Free sample! Customized size!

Plastic packaging round bucket

Black Color Plastic Packaging Round Bucket For Paint, Glue etc.

 Plastic Packaging Round Bucket with different sizes

Advantage of plastic packaging roung bucket

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Qiming pet food tin can

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