About Us – Lids Caps Closures and Containers

Who we are

Company Profile

Qiming Packaging  is based in China. The focus of this organization is fully geared towards the design ,manufacturing ,production and supply of containers and various kinds of  lids caps covers bungs and containers(pails,buckets,cans,bottles,trays,boxes and crates).

The stable product quality, reasonable price, and timely delivery have been exported to Europe, North &South America, Middle East, Australia & Africa, New Zealand and other countries and religions.

[SHOW CHINA QUALITY TO THE WORLD ], Qiming Packaging group is one of the golden supplier chosen by Alibaba to be one of the SuperSTAR partners for Alibaba offer.

Welcome friends of all circles to visit and give full cooperation. TRUST YOU WILL LIKE OUR SERVICES, QUALITY, AND PRICE.

Manufacturing & Trading

In order to better serve customers, we set up our own foreign trade company. Have very outstanding foreign trade personnel to form the professional foreign trade team. More important, with mature production technology of own factory and good cost control from our management, we believe that we will provide you with competitive right  products!

Qiming Packaging Group Profile

About Our Logo

Our logo is Capital letter  QM and a STAR. QM is the first letter of our company abbreviation name –Qi Ming ,and the star is a symbol of QI-MING-XING of Chinese which the similar implications of Venus-morning star of English.

Organization Chart 

Qiming Packaging Group is a organization with a clear division, for a more convenient and efficient service to our customers.Two factories and one export trading team.

Qiming Packaging organization chart

Certification Show

Qiming Packaging Group is a organization coming with ISO ,SGS and food grade certificatation.

Qiming Packaging certificate

What we do

Business Scope and Licenses

Our company ‘s  operation certificate and main business scope are as followings,

  • sales and export 200 Liter /55 Gallon drum accessaries – metal & plastic cap seals,vented &solid drum bungs plugs caps,≥583mm dia drum covers, steel drum closures,capseal crimping tools.
  • sales and export plastic end cap/ insert plug protectoers for various pipes and flanges.(φ6mm-1981.2mm,DN15-DN600).
  • sales and export IBC 6″&9″ tank lids,ball&butterfly valves, valve caps, adapters and couplings for IBC or hosepipe.
  • sales and export tin cans tin pails,2-pcs type,3-pcs type,pressitin type.Round and retabgle.food grade and chemical grade.
  • sales and export round/ square /rectangle plastic pails buckets (150ml- 40Liter with customized  color/logo ).
  • sales and export plastic jerry can engine oil bottles (>10 designs,200ml,500ml,750ml,1L,2L,3.785L,4L,6L,10L,20L ).
  • sales and export plastic foldable/non-foldable crates, baskets.
  • sales and export drying/ freezing plastic mesh shallow trays.

All our products coming with,





Our Mission

To provide prime quality and sustainable packaging solutions for our customers.

Our Value

  • People-oriented—Safety always comes first,Come to work happily, and go home safely!
  • Sustainable development –protect the environment and water resources for word-wide and future generations.
  • Technological innovation–Accelerate scientific and technological innovation and promote industry upgrading. Consistent Quality is the soul of products.
  • Courteous Service–Serving diligently is our commitment; working faithful is for your approval.

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