Plastic Pipe End Caps

Plastic pipe end caps are a kind of protective product on the steel pipe which played a protective role. The specific protection of the pipe includes seamless steel pipe and welded steel pipe, gas pipe, and other round pipes. Qiming Packaging plastic pipe end caps hold a variety of protection forms, such as outside the button protection, plug protection, threat protection, and 4 legs type protection. The feature of the External button type: Not only protect the inside of the steel pipe to form a closed space inside the pipe but also completely protect the steel pipe end. This form is more common in the steel pipe transport and storage process and also has played a very good effect. The feature of Internal plug protection: The plug-in plastic pipe end cap is a form of protection that can also make the pipe inside the formation of a closed space, conducive to the protection of pipe. Unlike the external type, it is not possible to effectively protect the outer wall of the pipe end. Because this form of protection is conducive to the lifting of the pipe, it is also one of the more common forms. Contact our support team to learn more. We are a professional and experienced manufacturer of plastic valve/flange protectors, plastic pipe end caps,etc.No matter what kinds of plastic end caps you need for your valve, flange, and pipe, you always can find the right caps here. Following pls find the function of our Plastic Caps. 1. Protect petroleum, gas, and water type valve flanges 2. Protect raised face and pipe interior from dirt and moisture during the shot and sandblasting operations 3. The tapered plug design fits snugly into the pipe’s interior 4. Require no fasteners 5. Application: protect valves from damage and contamination during transit, handling, and storage 6. Most sizes in stock for immediate delivery

Plastic Pipe End Caps External Type

pipe end cap

6mm-1981.2mm Plastic Pipe End Caps

pipe end cap

3/8″ 60″64″72″78″ Plastic Pipe End Caps

pipe end cap

1/8″ 1/4″ 1/2″ 3/4″ Plastic Pipe End Caps

pipe end cap

2″ 2 1/2″ 3 ” 4 ” 5 ” 6″  8″ 40″ 42″44″48″54″ Plastic Pipe End Caps

pipe end cap

10″ 12″ 14″ 18 ” 20 ” 22″ 24 ” 26″ 28 ” 34″ 38 “Plastic Pipe End Caps

Threaded End Cover

PE Plastic Pipe End Caps With Thread

Product Details

PE gas pipe end caps

1. Size: 1/2″-120″(6mm-3048mm)  Other sizes can be customized

2. Color: Yellow, Blue(standard color), White, Orange, Black, Red, Green, etc

3. Material: LDPE

4. Most sizes in-stock need 5-7working days after receiving your payment

5. Pvc Pipe End Caps will save you the cost and time that will come from rejects and it is a way to have inexpensive insurance for your manufactured products.

6. Pipe End Caps are to protect and cover the ends of pipe from being damaged in storage, shipping, transit, and before installation.

Plastic Pipe End Caps internal Type

pipe end cap

1/8 inch – 48 inch  Plastic Pipe End Plugs

pipe end cap

 ø6 mm-ø32mm Plastic Pipe End Plugs

pipe plugs

ø33.4mm- ø70mm Plastic Pipe End Plugs

plastic pipe plugs

ø 73mm- ø250mm Plastic Pipe End Plugs

plastic pipe plugs

ø 255mm- 1219.2mm Plastic Pipe End Plugs

pipe end plugs

Plastic Pipe End Plugs Design With Holes

plastic pipe end plug

Plastic End Caps For Forged Flanges Shafts

flange cap

DN 15 – DN 1000 Flange Face Protection Plugs

flange cap

Diameter44mm -1124mm  Flange Face Protection Plugs

plastic pipe plugs

DN10- DN 500 Push In Full Face FlangeProtectors

flange cap

1/2″-40″ plastic plugs to fill holes type end plugs

flange cap

DN 10-DN600-16 Stud Hole Flange Protectors

Plastic End Caps For Valves

valve protector

50 mm -350mm Plastic End Caps For  Valves

valve protector

355mm -770mm Plastic End Caps For Valves

valve protector

1/2″ -48 “plastic full-face valve end caps

valve protector

DN 10 – DN 1000 Plastic End Caps For Valves

flange caps

DN15-DN600 Plastic End Caps For Valves

    • Plastic pipe end caps plastic end plugs with a full face or plug-in type, especially for round pipes, forged main shafts, flanges, and valves.
    • Diameter6 mm-1981.2mm is available.
    • FREE samples are available for quality tests.
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