Pressitin Tuna Tin Cans

Before the advent of canned foods, food was preserved mainly by curing, drying and smoking. Bacon, bacon, sauerkraut, and pickles were all originally created for the purpose of food storage. However, while these methods can ensure that food does not spoil, they are difficult to preserve the food’s nutrients. Today we will introduce pressitin tuna tin cans for you.

Concept of canning:

Canned foods are foods that are sealed in containers and treated at high temperatures to eliminate most of the microbes. It can be stored at room temperature for a long time to prevent the invasion of external microorganisms. Canned foods are generally packaged in sealed containers and pasteurized.

Canned food is safe, hygienic, convenient and various in color. It can be stored for a long time at room temperature.

Canned food can better preserve the color, aroma, taste and nutritional value of natural and fresh food. The packaging technology and packaging materials of canned food have attracted much attention due to the fact that the sealing sterilization meets the requirements of commercial sterility and does not need to add preservatives.

colorful pressitin tin cans packaging dried flowers
qiming packaging pressitin tin cans for sale packaging herbs

Advantages of canned goods the soft can is light in quality, small in size, easy to open, and durable in storage. In recent years, the pressitin tin can have become a leader in the canning industry.

It has the following advantages: 

1 No welding, reduce lead pollution.

2 Manual hand seal bottom to save time, simple operation.

3 Low energy consumption and few materials.

4 Small and portable.

5 The style is fashionable and attractive.

Features Of TINPLATE Metal Type and Metal Material round-shaped metal tin cans and pressitin tuna tin cans for food:

1. Smooth inside and outside surfaces.
2. Lightweight, high strength, using hard and durable material: tinplate or tin-free steel.
3. Smooth inside bottom without welding lines by using deep draw technique.
4. Easy to pour completely.
5. Using 2 pieces of vacuum cans sealing machine, the ink cans can be fully pressurized to ensure the quality and safety of the inner goods.
6. It’s easy to pile up and convey. Therefore it will save transport costs and stock space a lot. It will save 80% of the stock space.
7. It’s recoverable.
8. At last not need the machine seal, just press is workable.

Size table:


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