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Drum Closures

Note:To ensure compliance to the UN marking,the drum filler must inspect and re-tighten as necessary all applicable closures prior to shipping.Plugs must be fitted with gaskets appropriate to the plug size and design.Containers with obvious damage or deterioration should not be filled or shipped.

  • Closures are devices and techniques used to close or seal a bottle, jug, jar, tube, can, etc.Drum closures are used to close and seal drum or barrel .  Closures can be a cap, cover, lid, plug, etc.
  • Qiming Packaging  one set drum closures include 2 ” drum flanges +2″drum plugs+ 3/4 “drum  flanges +3/4” drum plugs+ 4 pieces of gaskets.
  • All the drum closure parts could be sold separately .
  • Flange type: octagon base;Plug type: round
  • Plugs bearings NPS and/or BTR threads.
  • Drum Plug Style: 6 welding points(big) +2 welding points(small)/ 4 welding points(big) +2 welding points(small)
  • Functions: Good sealing ,protecting the drum contents against leaking and contaminating ,guaranteeing drum contents original quality.
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Are you looking for drum closures or drum caps? Qiming Packaging is a professional manufacture specializing in Cr3 zinc plated drum closures,Cr6 zinc palted drum closures and steel lacquer drum closures. Moreover , their parts drum bungs,drum plugs,drum flanges,various gaskets also sold separately .Above 100000 sets ,you own LOGO available.Have special requirement on logo or size? Contact us today for a better solution now .We’d love to work with you together.