Rectangular Plastic Buckets

Rectangular Plastic Buckets Pails are great for food and industrial applications. Rectangular pail lids are tamper-evident to provide peace of mind. They are widely used in the transportation and storage of various liquids. Wholesale Rectangular Plastic Pails Buckets, here you can get the most competitive price and super quality square plastic buckets. Logo printing labeling service available in our Qiming Packaging. 2L, 3L, 5L, 10L, 20L, 25L are available, Small order or trial order acceptable. FREE samples are available for quality and size check.

plastic rectangular bucket
rectangular bucket plastic
rectangular plastic bucket

Rectangular plastic buckets Size ( Top diameter*Bottom diameter*Height)
1.5L 150*115mm X 140*100mm X 110mm
2L 210*130mm X183*109mm X 130mm
3L 222*145mm X 200*123mm X 139mm
5L 270*180mm X 240*150mm X 160mm
10L 330*235mm X 290*200mm X 200mm
20L 365*265mm X 335*235mm X 265 mm
25L 370*270mm X 330*230mm X 340mm


Rectangular buckets edge has a convenient user open the grooves.

Reinforcing Rib

Rectangle plastic bucket edge has reinforcing rib.


Reinforced plastic handle


Widely used in food, feed, breeding, pesticides and fertilizers, oil, ink, powder, waterproof building material, paint, medicine,chemical industry and other industries.

rectangle bucket pail
rectangle bucket pail
  • Plastic Rectangular bucket pail is specially designed for lubricating oil, antifreeze, and other high-end packaging.
  • Plastic rectangular buckets are produced according to industry standards.And under -30 degrees, through anti-throw, compressive, lateral leakage test, all products are up to standard.
  • Raw materials are used with special raw materials to better control the hardness and strength of the products.
  • Volume: 2L, 3L, 5L, 10L, 20L, 25L
  • Custom colors and good service
  • Feature: security,anti-counterfeiting ,impact resistance
  • Printing: heat transfer printing or screen printing