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All of Qiming Staff Adhere To The Following Principles To Be Of Services

  • Pre-sale services --Enthusiasm

    Based on the clients’ request and budget,we will make quotation as per their specified requirements ; It is also available if the requirements are not so clear ,we will recommend the relevant qiming industrial packaging and container products for our client in their market or similar products according to the application and other factors.

  • Sale service-- Servant

    Our experienced technicians is available on the phone also the internet, clients can get instance guidance by telephone, email, on-line service anytime, anywhere. If it is necessary, we will send technicians to the site to guide for usages .

  • After-sale services--Faithfulness

    Generally,  We will sign Quality assurance aggrement between clients and us ,also Refund or Replacement policy issued .To establish long term cooperation, we will regularly call and email our clients, to check the products working condition, offer suggestions for maintenance, and if necessary, we will pay a visit to clients to solve the problems. Our after-sale principle core is that we are always sharing  responsibility, not shedding of responsibility.

What Will You Get To Work With Us

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How Can We Guarantee The Services?

  • How To Guarantee Fast & Punctual Delivery ?

    •  Due to our sophisticated logistics and extensive product range, goods can usually be delivered to customers ahead of their delivery time.
    •  We have over 10 storages on our own premises, guaranteeing high availability and flexibility–that means more flexibility and lower storage costs for you.
    •  For each new order , we have meticulous production planning and monitoring.
  • How To Guarantee ODM &OEM Services?

    Can’t find what you need in our extensive standard range? Thanks to many years of experience in designing ,manufacturing and selling packaging materials, we can also develop and produce customized packaging materials quickly and cost-effectively.

  • How To Guarantee Required Quality?

    ♦  Strict quality management—The quality guideline and objective is the principle of our company’s work as well as

    the commitment we made to our clients. We will always carry on our works according to the quality management system.

    ♦  We request all departments to inspect every lot of export product, making an inspection plan before inspecting

    and then making a record after inspecting  to achieve that it can be traced back to the person in charge in case quality problems occurred.

    ♦   Constantly improve quality management system

    ♦   Comprehensively implement “Prime quality is our enterprise cluture”

    ♦  Abiding by the laws and rules

    ♦  Unseasing manufacturing technology improvement