Plastic Collapsible Crates

Plastic Collapsible Crates are made of heavy duty HDPE plastic to prevent cracks and withstands years of high loads and abuses.Our plastic collapsible crate is for multifunctional, portable storage – anywhere it’s needed! The roomy interior is ideal for everything from holding vegetable/eggs/fruits to toting cleaning supplies.And the most important features is when the plastic collapsible crates are not in use, can fold to smooth rectangular flat basket and it will save up to 75% space.

Qiming Plastic Collapsible Crates Specification

Out size Inner size Loading capacity Weight
600*400*170MM 565*370*165MM 30KGS 1.87KGS
600*400*210MM 565*370*205MM 40KGS 2.22KGS
600*400*290MM 565*365*275MM 50KGS 2.37KGS
600*400*340MM 565*365*325MM 50KGS 2.57KGS
530*410*180MM 500*380*170MM 30KGS 1.97KGS
530*410*300MM 500*380*290MM 35KGS 2.67KGS
650*330*245MM 620*300*230MM 50KGS 2.05KGS
Customized Size and Color Available On Plastic Collapsible Crates Collapsible Containers Folding Storage Boxes
Plastic Collapsible Crates

Qiming Plastic Collapsible Crates Advantages

  • Virgin material HDPE/ PP for production.
  • Reinforced corners and handles
  • User-friendly, durable with long service life, low maintenance required.
  • Easily stacked, Eco-friendly, reusable, and easy to clean.
  •  oil-resistant, acid-resistant, alkali-resistant, and organic solvent resisting, anti-mildew etc.
  • Can be used for transfer and turnover of food, clothes, fruit, vegetable, beverage, household appliance, electronics etc.
  • Custom Order available.
  • Fully vented design for better ventilation and optimized shelf life.
    100% recyclable – no waste disposal at the food retailer.
  • Different Sizes, colors for choice.
  • Warranty: one year.Refund /replace policy offered.
  • Reduced waste to landfill when compared to cardboard or Styrofoam, plastic collapsible crate greatly saves shipping space and save the cost of transportation, bearing is generally 1.2 times the turnover box.
  •  Simplifies your logistics process so you can focus on your business.
  • FREE SAMPLE AVAILABLE for quality check.

Qiming Plastic Collapsible Crates Video Show

Plastic Collapsible Crates Product Show

Plastic Collapsible Crates Plastic Folding Crates

Plastic Collapsible Vegetable Crates

Plastic Collapsible Crates

Vented Egg Plastic Collapsible Crate

Plastic Collapsible Crates Plastic Folding Crates

collapsible stackable plastic crates

Plastic Collapsible Crates Plastic Folding Crates

folding /collapsible  plastic crates

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