Tinplate & Plastic

Lids Caps Covers

Are you looking for Lids Caps Covers ? Qiming Packaging is a professional manufacture specializing in various kinds of lids,caps ,covers in tinplate and plastic .

OEM and ODM service available. Click the following pictures to choose your fancy one.Best selling items are recommended as followings .

  • twist off metal lids
  • penny lever lids
  • peel off lids
  • bottom & top  lids caps covers for metal container
  • pet food can lids
  • silicone stretch lids
  • silicone canned lids
  • plastic lids for plastic containers
  • plastic spouts
  • plastic dust cap rainproof covers for 200 L drums

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Qiming Packaging Lids Cap Covers Categories

tin lid for metal container cover metal lids
tin lids
Twist Off Lid
Plastic Lids With  Plastic SpoutsPlastic Lids With  Plastic Spouts

Plastic Bucket Lids

Round Plastic Bucket Lidcovers

Plastic Spouts Caps

These Lids Cap Covers are of necessity for various metal bucket pails and tinplate cans and plastic buckets pails  . Click the links for further information.