Food Grade Twist Off Metal Lids

Food Grade Full Range Of Twist Off Metal Lids For Jar Here. Are you a manufacturer of canned food? If so, please do not hesitate to choose our container lids of fruit, sardine, peanut, meat sauce, and so on, because they are FDA-approved with various colors and fashion style, which will do a great help in your marketing home and abroad. For Other Lids Caps And Covers In Tinplate Please Click Metal Lids Caps Covers, In Plastic Please Click Plastic Lids Caps Covers

twist off caps

Food Grade Twist Off Metal Lid

Product Advantage

Qiming Twist Off Metal Lid is a full range of varieties, complete specifications, and more. Almost any color, designed hole, or logo can be custom-made. FREE SAMPLES Available.

Buy More ,Save More.Our MOQ 50000 PCS Normally.

Food Grade Twist Off Metal Lids Description

Item name: Food Grade Tinplate Twist Off Caps
Material: tinplate, used as food lacquered surface tin,aluminum, iron, brass or stainless steel etc.
Color: Gold, Enamel White,black,antique brass, silver, Chromium Iron,gunmetal, copper or on your request.
Size: Customized size( following table is our general one for your reference )
Produce type: OEM/ODM welcomed
Processing: Stamping, die-casting, electroplating, etching, printing, enamel & epoxy,Inspecting,Quality Control Again,Packing
Artworks: Technical drawings & 3D drawings for approval.
Logo type: Engrave, embossed, 3D raise, enamel, epoxy, laser, printing or painting.
Finishing: Nickel free & lead free plating, laser engraving, silk-screened or enamel covered with clear epoxy dome.
Usage: Bottle lids , Fashion accessories, container lids of fruit, sardine, peanut, meat sauce and so on.
Features: Good sealing ,safety membrane (closure control).
Our advantages Qiming Twist Off Metal Lids are full range varieties, complete specifications and more. Almost any color, designed holes, logo can be custom-made.

Twist Off Metal Lids For Beverage And Food Product Display -Qiming Packaging

Twist Off Lid

twist off metal lid for beverage soda pop soft drink

Twist Off Lid

container lids of  fruit, sardine, peanut, meat sauce

twist off metal lids

twist off metal lid food for beverage drink food  grade

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