2 inch and 3/4 inch Steel Lacquer Drum Closures

2″ And 3/4 ” Metal Drum Closures,Steel Lacquered  Drum Closures.Hot Sales Types Are Metal Lacquer BUFF Drum Closures,Metal Lacquer Brown Drum Closures,Metal Lacquer Clear Phenolic Drum Closures, Metal Lacquer Dark Brown Drum Closures, Metal Lacquer Olive Green  Drum Closures, Metal Lacquer Golden Brown Drum Closures,Metal Lacquer BUFF Epoxy Phenolic Drum Closures .All The Parts Are Also Sold Separately.

Steel Lacquer Drum Closures,Barrel Closures

Steel Lacquer Drum Closures,Barrel Closures From Qiming Packaging

Some Suggestions From Qiming Packaging

  • Lacquered Color:Olive Green is not recommended for use with caustic alkalis;
  • Lacquered Color:Clear Gold is not recommended for  use with aqueous products,or higher PH products.
  • Almost of our steel lacquered drum closures have resistance against almost all types of organic solvents and chemical material.
  • Zinc-plated components are not FDA compliant.
  • Ensure your filled liquid is compatible to Zinc .

Want more suggestions?Or do not know how to select the right lacquer for your packaging?

Or still looking for metal closures which suitable for the  aggressive material and  agreed food approval standard ?

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2 inch and 3/4 inch Lacquered Drum Closures Specification

  • Size

    2 inch and 3/4 inch

  • One Set Definition

    2 inch drum plug ,3/4 inch drum plug ,2 inch drum flange,3/4 inch drum flange, four gaskets.

  • Material

    Steel  /Plugs—cold rolled sheet(CR)/Flanges—hot rolled (HR) carbon steel

  • Application

    Widely used for chemicals,organic solvents and food packaging ,etc.

  • Surface Finish

    Brown above chromated zinc, clear phenolic above chromated ainc,dark brown above chromated zinc,green above chromated zinc,golden brown above chromated zinc.

  • Type

    6 welding points(big) +2 welding points(small)/ 4 welding points(big) +2 welding points(small)

  • General Pakage Information
  • Delivery Time

    3-10 days or as per your quantity requirement .

  • Resin Type

    Epoxy phenolic,100% phenolic.We can use equivalent lacquer for you or as per your samples’ lacquer .

Why Choose Qiming 2 inch and 3/4 inch Steel Lacquer Drum Closures?

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Steel Lacquer Drum Closures Drum Caps

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Steel Lacquer Drum Closure Drum Cap


Steel Lacquer Drum Closures Drum Caps

Good sealing ,Protecting the drum contents against leaking,guaranteeing contents quality.

Manufactured in compliance with  ISO9001:2008 and GB/T13251-2008 Standard

Your own lOGO can be printed ,if the quantity is more than 100000 stes .No Logo also accepted.

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