Plastic Screw Cap

Plastic Screw Caps- various kinds of plastic screw caps for drums, pails, buckets, cans, bottles, and pipes. Diameter 25mm- 300 mm.Customized logos available.HDPE, PE, PP, PET…the cap of a bottle or jar which screws onto the threaded lip of the container.A screw closure is a mechanical device which is screwed on and off of a “finish” on a container. Either continuous threads or lugs are used. It must be engineered to be cost-effective, to provide an effective seal (and barrier), to be compatible with the contents, to be easily opened by the consumer, often to be reclosable, and to comply with the product, package, and environmental laws and regulations. Some closures need to be tamper resistant and have child-resistant packaging features.

Plastic Screw Caps Product Show


Plastic Screw Cap For Pails

IBC lids

plastic top screw cap for IBC caps

oil cap

plastic screw caps for 20L 25L square jerry cans

valve caps

plastic top screw caps for ball /butterfly valves


2 inch 3/4 inch plastic screw plugs for plastic drums

Vented Caps Closure for Plastic Drums

2 inch 3/4 inch plastic screw plugs closures many styles

Round Plastic Bucket Lid

plastic screw covers  for 20 L round buckets

oil caps

plastic screw closures for 20 L round buckets

    • Plastic screw caps customized logo and color available.
    • FREE samples available for quality test.
    • Other styles also available.Email us for more! email to: