Plastic Cat Litter Box

Qiming Packaging Plastic Cat Litter Box is made of 100% eco-friendly materials, which suitable for your pets. We have a small, middle and large cat litter box, generally, the size of the pet litter box should be 1.5 times longer than your pet body, in this case, your cat will have enough space when pulling urine. If you would like to know more details about it, contact us, more details available.

cat litter box

oval cat litter box

cat litter box

the triangle cat litter box

cat litter box

fully closed cat litter box

cat litter box

different types of cat litter boxes

cat litter box

Different sizes of cat litter box for you as a reference.

Oval cat litter box350*260*150mm
Oval cat litter box 480*365*140mm
Oval cat litter box 580*430*180mm
Semi-closed cat litter box555*385*255mm
Semi-closed cat litter box 481*333*220mm
Triangle cat litter box558*386*255mm
Rectangle cat litter box380*300*120mm
Rectangle cat litter box 440*327*130mm
New rectangle cat litter box380*287*128mm
New rectangle cat litter box 500*375*170mm
New rectangle cat litter box 632*477*187mm
Fully-closed cat litter box500.8*375.8*304mm
Fully-closed cat litter box 635.3*476.6*347.3mm

Features of the cat litter box:

1. Large space for comfort.

2. Prevent cat litter splashing.

3. We added a protuberant ball on the pedal to stimulate the cat’s toes to separate so that the grains of sand between the toes can easily fall off.

4. Like a work of art, the cat litter basin is also suitable for families.