Plastic Chicken Egg Trays

Plastic chicken egg trays are designed for the washing, sanitizing, and disinfection of eggs. These plastic chicken egg trays have specially designed openings in all the cones and the ends for better circulation of water and air, allowing for superior cleaning ability. Heavy side-wall construction ensures the durability and longevity. Standard sizing allows the tray to be used in most egg cases and boxes. Our plastic egg trays are good enough to protect the eggs and minimize breakages. They are available in different colors for coding and are easily stacked.30-hole are the most popular now.If you require the other design, please feel free to contact us or Get FREE samples for quality and sizes check.

Qiming Plastic Plastic Chicken Egg Trays Specification

Item description Length(cm) Width(cm) Height(cm) Weight(g) Packing Size(cm) Material Color in stock
30 pcs common egg tray 29 29 5 140 29*29*5 PE (polynethylene) white,red,yellow,blue,green,black,brown,pink
30pcs plastic duck egg tray 29.7 29.7 5 150 29.7*29.7*5 white,red,yellow,blue,green,black,brown,pink
30pcs big egg tray 30 30 5 160 30*30*5 white,red,yellow,blue,green,black,brown,pink
30pcs biggest egg tray 30.5 30.5 5 190 30.5*30.5*5 white,red,yellow,blue,green,black,brown,pink
36pcs egg tray A type 29 29 7 175 29*29*7 white,red,yellow,blue,green,black,brown,pink
36pcs egg tray B type 29 29 7 170 29*29*7 white,red,yellow,blue,green,black,brown,pink
12pcs gift egg tray 29.6 12.5 5 170 29.6*12.5*5 white,red,yellow,blue,green,black,brown,pink
20pcs duck egg tray A type 28.5 28.5 6 142 28.5*28.5*6 white,red,yellow,blue,green,black,brown,pink
20pcs duck egg tray B type 30 30 6 180 30*30*6 white,red,yellow,blue,green,black,brown,pink
42pcs incubator egg tray 29 29 7 175 29*29*7 white
62pcs plastic egg tray 60 30 6 550 60*30*6 gray
Other color available , OEM & OEM service accepted, matched folding egg cartons plastic crates also available.FREE SAMPLES AVAILABLE .

Qiming Plastic Chicken Egg Trays Advantage

  • Light and convenient to transport
  • 100% virgin polyethylene as material
  • Can stand high temperature to 140 ℃ cleaning
  • Repeated use, both sides are available to use
  • Meet with environmental green packaging requirements;
  • Be suitable for any egg or duck or grotesque eggs  packaging;
  • Make the goods transparent, elegant, attractive and easy to sell
  • Easily stacked, Eco-friendly, reusable, and easy to clean.
  • White,red,yellow,blue,green,black,brown,pink in stock
  • Applied the egg daily storage or long-distance transport
  • FREE SAMPLE AVAILABLE for quality check.
  • Can stack at least 10 layers for normal eggs and height is about 2 meter

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Plastic Chicken Egg Trays Product Show

Plastic Chicken Egg Trays

Plastic egg trays duck trays poly trays hen chicken egg trays

Plastic Chicken Egg Trays

stackable plastic egg trays

Plastic Chicken Egg Trays

plastic egg trays chicken egg holders

Plastic Chicken Egg Trays

Vented 30 hole plastic PE egg trays

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