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Plastic Lids Caps Covers

Plastic packaging materials possess a light weight, high strength, good impact resistance, transparency, moisture, appearance, chemical stability, toughness and corrosion advantages in the packaging field,so they gradually took certain place of  metal, wood, paper, glass and leather for packaging industry . Qiming Packaging is a professional manufacturer  specializing in all kinds of plastic lids caps covers with PP,PE,HDPE as usual . Moreover , their parts-plastic plugs,spouts also sold separately .Round and square plastic lids caps covers are both available.

6 reasons for choosing  plastic lids caps covers

  1. chemical resistance
  2.  gloss, partially transparent or translucent
  3.  most of the good insulator
  4. light weight and sturdy
  5. easy to be mass-produced, low cost
  6. wide range of uses, effectiveness, easy coloring, high  temperature resistance

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Qiming Packaging Plastic Lids Caps Covers Categories
200L Plastic Drum Covers With Fittings Covers With Plastic Fittings
Plastic Dust Cap Rainproof Covers For 200L/55 Gallon Drums Plastic Dust Cap Rainproof Covers For 200L 55 Gallon Drums
Round Plastic Bucket Lidcovers
plastic transparent clear Drum Plastic Covers With Elastic Locking
Plastic Lids With  Plastic SpoutsPlastic Lids With  Plastic Spouts

Note : Round Plastic Buckets PailsSquare&Specialty Plastic Buckets Pails also hold huge stocks by Qiming Packaging. Do not find what you are looking for  in this page? Please contact our support team directly by for a further negotiation . Customized service also one of our company advantages.All plastic flexible spout for easy pouring,BPA free;tear strip offers tamper-resistant feature;retractable pour spout;gasket lid for airtight seal.