Twist Lug Lids

In many cases, we often encounter a very embarrassing problem: no matter how the cans cannot be opened. This is very distressing. Now show you some skills how to open it easily. Check Twist Lug Lids before opening the can. If it is not bulging, the quality is up to standard.

1. Prepare a basin of hot water, Use hot water to soak the can for about a few minutes. When the temperature inside the jar rises, the air pressure will rise.

Then take out the cans, turn the cans upside down, slap the bottom of the cans.
Then twist the cans cap counterclockwise with your hands, so that it can be opened easily.

What if I still can’t turn it off?

2. prepare scissors.

There is a sunken nick on the lid of the jar. Insert the scissors into the nick, then pry it forcibly. When you hear the sound of “puff”, it means that air enters the cap.
Once again the cap is twisted counterclockwise, it can be opened easily.

twist off cap

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Application Of Twist Lug Lids

twist off cap

Twist Lug Lids is widely used for sealing juice, canning fruits etc.

Variously optional colors

Qiming Twist Lug Lids

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Qiming Twist Lug Lids

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Qiming Twist Lug Lids

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Qiming Twist Lug Lids

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Specification Of Twist Lug Lids

Code Specification Claw Quantity
38# inner dia 38mm,out diameter 41.8mm 3
42# inner dia 42mm,out diameter 44.8mm 4
46# inner dia 46mm,out diameter 48.2mm 4
48# inner dia 48mm,out diameter 50.2mm 4
53# inner dia 53mm,out diameter 56.2mm 4
58# inner dia 58mm,out diameter 60.2mm 4
63# inner dia 63mm,out diameter 66.4mm 4
70# inner dia 70mm,out diameter 73.2mm 6
82# inner dia 82mm,out diameter 85mm 6

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