Clear Chicken Egg Tray

Qiming packaging clear quail egg tray adopts 100% pure PVC material, non-toxic and tasteless, safe and environmentally friendly. Various types of egg trays are available —6 holes, 8 holes,10 holes,12 holes, 15 holes,20 holes and so on. It can be used in chicken farm, superation, and home storage and suitable for eggs daily turnover, long-distance transportation and Incubator use. It has many good features: Anti-shock could be cleaned in high temperature, repeated use. PVC clear plastic egg trays can protect the egg from damage, prevents egg vibration. All the PVC egg tray are in stock, if you are interested in it, please feel free to contact us. Email:

Qiming Clear Plastic Chicken Egg Trays Specification

clear plastic egg trays
Clear Plastic Egg Tray
Type Size Of Tray (L*W*H) Size Of Hole (L*W*H)
6 hole egg tray 150*102*65mm 42*42*65mm
8 holes egg tray 198*103*65mm 42*42*65mm
10 holes egg tray 240*102*65mm 42*42*65mm
12 holes egg tray 292*103*65mm 42*42*65mm
15 holes egg tray 240*150*65mm 42*42*65mm
20 holes egg tray 240*192*65mm 42*42*65mm
12 holes quail egg tray 138*103*36mm 29*29*36mm
18 holes quail egg tray 198*103*36mm 29*29*36mm
20 holes quail egg tray 168*133*36mm 29*29*36mm
24 holes quail egg tray 198*133*36mm 29*29*36mm
30 holes quail egg tray 198*163*36mm 29*29*36mm

Qiming Clear Chicken Egg Tray Advantage

  • Light and convenient to transport
  • 100% virgin polyethylene as material
  • Can stand high temperature to 140 ℃ cleaning
  • Repeated use, both sides are available to use
  • Meet with environmental green packaging requirements;
  • Be suitable for any egg or duck or grotesque eggs  packaging;
  • Make the goods transparent, elegant, attractive and easy to sell
  • Easily stacked, Eco-friendly, reusable, and easy to clean.
  • White,red,yellow,blue,green,black,brown,pink in stock
  • Applied the egg daily storage or long-distance transport
  • FREE SAMPLE AVAILABLE for quality check.
  • Can stack at least 10 layers for normal eggs and height is about 2 meter

Qiming Plastic Clear Chicken Egg Trays Video

Clear Chicken Egg Trays Product Show

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stackable plastic egg trays PVC egg tray

Complete size plastic egg trays chicken egg holders

clear plastic egg trays

reusable plastic clear egg trays for storage and transport

clear plastic egg tray

Logo printing clear PVC chicken egg trays

High-quality clear plastic duck and chicken egg trays

  • Firm buckle, clear and seal: egg tray is transparent, easy to see the egg situation, resist dirt and moisture
  • Egg hole design  protection egg: Prevent the egg form collistion and damage,easy to use, more stable
  • Shockproof pillars design: Convenient to place multi-layer tray, strong bearing capacity, prevent egg to move
  • Edge bugle easy to open the cover: the design od edge makes the cover easy to open, save both time and labour

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