2 inch and 3/4 inch steel Stainless Steel Drum Bung Cap

We Supply 2″ And 3/4 ” Stainless Steel Drum Bung Cap. 4 welding points, 6 welding points and hex plug tap drum faucet  drum plug cock  type  .Your customized LOGO & NO LOGO are  accepted .Straight/Circle  4 or 6 welding point general type  Steel Drum Bung Cap  ,plastic bung cap ,PP &PE Bung cap also available in Qiming Packaging.

Stainless Steel Drum Bung Cap metal plug for barrel

2 inch Stainless Steel Drum Bung Cap

2″ Stainless Steel Drum Bung Cap Specification

  • Size

    2 inch (2″)

  • Material

    Steel /Cold Rolled (CR) Carbon Steel

  • Grade

    Conforming to ISO9001:2008 and GB/T13251-2008 Standard

  • Matched Sets

    with any 2 inch flange

  • Surface Finish

    Zinc Plated/Galvanized (Trivalent chromium,Six chromium) ,Painting.

  • Shape


  • Test carried out

    Torque test,Leakage test

  • Package Detail

    2 ” drun bungs(drum plugs) –> 250 pcs/box–>tie with plastic straps–>fix on fumigation-free wooden pallet .

  • Delivery

    3-10 days or as per your quantity requirement