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Application Of Plastic Vent Trays

Qiming plastic vent trays adopts new HDPE, low voltage, and high-density polyethylene. It is widely used for drying, self-drying, and freezing, draining. Strong air permeability and all of our Plastic Vent Drying Trays can be stackable All the raw material is of the character of thickening, anti-aging, anti-corrosion. Plastic drying trays are highly durable for a long lasting life and simple to clean. The size of the plastic vent trays is complete. And we can custom colors for you.

Qiming packaging plastic vent tray drying tray


  • Drying/Draining: pasta, plant leaf, tobacco, tea, medicinal materials, soft gel, spice, vegetable and fruit
  • Freezing: seafood (Sea cucumber, trepang, shrimp, fish and crab)
  • Baking: preserved fruit candied fruit dried fruit

Plastic drying trays plastic freezing trays
Qiming plastic vent tray pasta drying tray

Model number Outer (length*width*height)
#LK1 595mm*395mm*50mm
#LK2 800mm*600mm*50mm
#LK3 1000mm*440mm*40mm
#LY4 590mm*390mm*60mm
#LY5 735mm*440mm*70mm
#LY5 805mm*590mm*70mm


  • High quality material: HDPE
  • Bottom leakage
  • Thickening
  • Uniform distribution of mesh
  • Complete Sizes
  • Custom color
  • Fine workmanship

Just the typical types in the video for your reference. If you can not see your fancy one in the video or above product display image, please describe your requirements in detail or send us the picture you are currently using now, we will make customized service especially for you.So mail us now!