Clear PP Plastic Round Snap-Lock Containers

The Plastic Round Containers that are common in life are generally made of PP. PP plastic round containers are mostly used for the storage and transportation of various liquid and solid products. Corrosion-resistant product packaging. Some are used for industrial purposes, so the purity of raw materials varies; some are food-grade and need to be used in the food packaging industry, so the raw materials must be 100% PP raw materials, and must not contain any impurities so that they can be safely touched food.

In addition, PP Plastic Round Containers have the following advantages:

  1. Beautiful and clean shape, smooth inside and outside, no welding and seamless, lightweight, good strength, impact resistance, corrosion resistance, non-toxic and tasteless, high-temperature resistance, convenient storage, and transportation.
    round bucket
    Round Containers

    2.The PP round container body is integrally molded at one time, seamless and non-bonded, with excellent stretch resistance and impact resistance. The service life of the product can be as long as 10 years. Under normal transportation and storage conditions, the shelf life is long.

    Round Containers

    3. Product appearance design and product size can be customized according to customer needs.

    Round Containers

    4.For food packaging containers, the technical parameters of the products are strictly in accordance with the national food safety standards. The plastic barrels in contact with food have good sealing performance and are equipped with snap-Lock and anti-theft buckles, which can meet the multiple needs of customers.

    round bucket
    Round Containers

    5. During the storage process, they can be stacked in stacks, which greatly saves space and materials.

    Plastic Round Containers

    6. The transparent PP drum has the same advantages as the PP non-transparent drum. In addition, its high-transparent shape can help users see the products in the drum clearly, and can also help users observe the remaining product in the drum.

    Plastic Round Containers

    Qiming food-grade clear PP plastic round containers are widely used and have various sizes. If you are interested in our products, please visit our website(  for more information about this product, or contact our customer service by email (, and we will reply as soon as possible you.

    twist off cap

    Metal Bottle Caps, Jar Lids & Closures

    Qiming Metal Bottle Caps, Jar Lids & Closures include various sizes and colors, which are made of metal tinplate materials. Metal twist-off caps are widely used for sealing glass jar canned food, they are produced based on factory standards. We also provide customized services, including logo and picture printing. If you are interested in our caps, you can contact us to get more details.

    Food Grade Full Range Of Twist Off Metal Lids For Jar Here. Are you a manufacturer of canned food? If so, please do not hesitate to choose our container lids of fruit, sardine, peanut, meat sauce, and so on, because they are FDA-approved in various colors and fashion styles, which will do a great help in your marketing at home and abroad.

    Qiming Twist Off Metal Lid is a full range of varieties, complete specifications, and more. Almost any color, designed hole, or logo can be custom-made. FREE SAMPLES Available.

    Item name: Food Grade Tinplate Twist-Off Caps

    Material: tinplate, used as food lacquered surface tin, aluminum, iron, brass or stainless steel, etc.

    Color: Gold, White, black, antique brass, silver, Chromium Iron, gunmetal, copper, or on your request.

    Size: Customized size(the following table is our general one for your reference )

    Produce type: OEM/ODM welcomed

    Processing: Stamping, die-casting, electroplating, etching, printing, enamel & epoxy, Inspecting, Quality Control Again, Packing

    Artworks: Technical drawings & 3D drawings for approval.

    Logo type: Engrave, embossed, 3D raise, enamel, epoxy, laser, printing, or painting.

    Finishing: Nickel-free & lead-free plating, laser engraving, silk-screened or enamel covered with clear epoxy dome.

    Usage: Bottle lids, Fashion accessories, container lids of fruit, sardine, peanut, meat sauce, and so on.

    Features: Good sealing, safety membrane (closure control).

    Our advantages of Qiming Twist-Off Metal Lids are a full range of varieties, complete specifications, and more. Almost any color, designed holes, and logo can be custom-made.

    Size and type

    Metal Bottle Caps
    qiming twist off lids
    Metal Bottle Caps

    If you are interested in us, contact us now to get more detail!

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    IBC adapter IBC Coupling hose pipe connector

    IBC Tote Parts

    IBC Tote Parts IBC adapters are specifically designed for IBC (Intermediate Bulk Container) or 270L, 300L, and 1000L water tanks.

    Qiming Packaging IBC Tote Parts IBC adapters are made of 100% new food-grade HDPE.

    Color: black in large stock and can make fast delivery. Other colors can be customized on request.

    IBC-adapters IBC Tote Parts

    The connection is a weak point therefore the fitting must be stronger, more reliable, and more flexible than the line itself. Our products are designed and manufactured with innovative operating systems to obtain:

    – easy and fast installation
    – the ability to compensate pipe dimensional anomalies, ovalizations, pipe scratches
    – hydraulic seal in conditions of use under pressure and vacuum.

    These criteria have always been the basis for the study, development, and realization of the Supreme fittings lines.

    The use and performance of the water pipes are so optimized and the assembly and maintenance costs are reduced.

    The competitive price of the single product offered is another qualifying factor of the proposal to the market. We are therefore able to offer innovative, reliable, and economic technical solutions. We always pay maximum attention to the specific customers’ needs. Our before and after-sales service is organized for customer satisfaction and profitability. A large number of complementary products allows you to optimize warehouse management and reduce administrative costs.

    IBC adapter Series

    S60*6 thread turn 1″ 2 ” 3/4 ” 1/2 ” in and out both available

    Durable, Economical, Safe, Easy Operation, non-spill, FDA-approved safe for food products

    Thread: BSP thread or NPT thread available, your special requirement is accepted

    This product can be used as a quick contact switch, which is for the IBC ton valve. Made of premium material for durable and long-term use.

    Practical adapters – Large-caliber containers can be fitted with threaded pipes, hoses, faucets, and other accessories through the adapter, making it easier to drain liquids.

    High-quality materials – Made of durable stainless steel and plastic for abrasion resistance and long life. With a leak-proof sealing gasket, you can use it with confidence.

    Customer service – We provide good customer service, please feel free to contact us if you have any questions. Thank you for your support.

    If you are interested in us, contact us now to get more detail!

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    paint tin cans

    How to select suitable paint cans

    Paint should be stored outsideMost metal paint cans made of tin-plated steel. The steel component gives the container strength. of the reach children and away from food and drink.

    It should be stored either in a lined metal can prevent rust, or in a glass or plastic container.

    paint tin cans
    paint tin cans

    Metal paint cans are constructed of the finest quality tin-coated steel. Available from 1/4 pint through 5 quarts (imperial gallon). They can be supplied with or without handles. We stock unlined cans for oil-based (solvent) paints and epoxy-lined cans for water-based materials as well as some chemicals. Covers are provided with the cans. 

    1. LUXURY PAINT CANS SET – Qiming packaging factory 8oz round tin can for packing paint is available 1 gallon/3.7L, 1 quart/0.925L, 500ml,250ml, a 100ml for your different needs, which is ideal for handicraft storage, DIY projects, painting, etc.

    2HIGH QUALITY & DURABLE – Compared with similar China Suppliers Paint Tin Can Manufacturer, Qiming Packaging For paint, this paint can is made of high-quality tinplate material and exquisite craftsmanship, which is safe, durable, and can be used for a long time.

    3MULTIFUNCTIONAL – These Metal Round Paint Can With Lever lid tin be used not only for solvent and oil-based products, coatings, adhesives, cement, or other sticky products but also for craft projects and creative gift packaging, emergency stoves, or heaters.

    4EXCELLENT SEALING – Qiming packaging with lever lid tin can for paint/ adhesive/industrial solvent/candle etc set is covered design provides excellent sealing, which can well preserve chemical glues, solvents, oil-based paints, coatings, etc. It is the storage of choice for daily storage or artists.

    5WORRY-FREE SHOPPING – Please do not hesitate to contact us if any issues with our paint can, you can return the product and get a refund within 30 days of receiving it. Just remember that your satisfaction is our first priority.

    If you are interested in us, contact us now to get more detail!

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    Is there any difference between food-grade bucket and an ordinary bucket?

    Plastic buckets can be used to hold items, and can also be used to hold food. For the plastic barrels containing items, the main considerations are their quality, whether it is durable, and whether they can maintain the performance of the items. For food-grade plastic barrels, the requirements are even stricter, and they must be safe and non-toxic.

    Due to the relatively high cost of food-grade plastics, in order to reduce costs, many manufacturers will wash and granulate some recycled plastics, and then mix them into food-grade plastic raw materials to reduce costs. But these recycled plastics release toxic substances at high temperatures. After these poisonous substances enter the human body with food, they may cause many diseases, and the consequences are very serious.

    The main difference between food-grade plastics and ordinary plastics in use is that food-grade plastics will not dissolve harmful substances such as heavy metals under normal conditions and high temperatures, while ordinary plastics will dissolve harmful substances at room temperature or high temperatures, which will cause harm to human health.

    The plastic products we use every day are closely related to our life and health. Therefore, when purchasing and using food-grade plastic buckets, how should we distinguish whether the plastic buckets are food-grade? The following suggestions can help you distinguish food-grade plastic buckets from ordinary plastic buckets at a low cost:

    1. Before confirming the purchase order, you can ask the seller for the food-grade certification report or food-grade inspection report of the plastic bucket. If the test report shows that the product complies with international food safety standards, then we can buy it with confidence.
    2. Before using the purchased plastic bucket, carefully observe the appearance of the plastic bucket, whether the surface is clean, free of variegated colors, and whether there is any peculiar smell. The appearance is pure and free of variegation and has no peculiar smell, which meets the requirements of food-grade plastic buckets.

    3. The surface of some purchased plastic barrels looks smooth and odorless, but it does not completely mean that the raw materials are 100% pure raw materials. If it is not a pure raw material, after the plastic bucket is filled with food, it will produce a strong odor when it is heated during the high-temperature sterilization process. Therefore, before buying plastic buckets in large quantities, customers can ask for some samples for high-temperature anti-virus testing. If the product has no peculiar smell during the test, then the raw material of the plastic bucket is qualified food-grade plastic.

    rectangle buckets
    rectangle buckets

    Common food-grade plastics include PE, PP, and PET.

    PE, the full name of polyethylene, is a high molecular organic compound formed by the additional polymerization of ethylene. It is recognized as the best material in contact with food in the world. Its biggest feature is non-toxic, tasteless, and odorless, which meets the hygienic standards of food packaging. It is also a commonly used food-grade raw material in our factory. Qiming Packaging is a professional plastic container manufacturer with fully automated plastic product production equipment and a mature plastic injection mold production line, which can produce food-grade and non-food-grade plastic containers to meet customer needs in different markets. We have also accumulated a large number of customers. With high-quality products, high-quality services, and years of foreign trade export experience, we have won the trust of many customers. Our products are also exported to many countries in North America, South America, Europe, Oceania, and Southeast Asia.

    If you are interested in our plastic buckets, you can visit our website ( or contact us directly by email ( We can provide free samples, accept small orders, and food-grade test reports so that you can rest assured to buy and use.

    peel off cover

    Peel off lid

    The Easy-Peel off the lid, also known as the easy-open lid, is a lid with a pull ring for sealing cans, which belongs to metal packaging products. The Easy-Peel off lid is used to seal and open the can. It is defined as a cover that is pre-engraved with a certain depth of score line and riveted with a pull ring. It can be safely torn along the scoreline when it is opened.

    Easy-Peel off the lid production process

    An easy-tear lid is a form of metal packaging, which has the characteristics of high airtightness and certain pressure resistance and is mainly used for food packaging. The basic material is tinplate or aluminum, which is formed after punching, stretching, and rolling to achieve the purpose of being safe and not hurting hands after opening. Covered with ultra-high temperature sterilization-resistant metal composite film or composite plastic film, it feels beautiful and easy to open after embossing.

    qiming group peel off lids
    qiming group peel off lids

    The following is a brief introduction to the production process of the Easy-Peel off lid.

    1. Send the formed base cap to the easy-peel off lid production equipment. The basic production process for lids is the same as that for metal can lids. The basic lid is stamped, has a countersink, the rounded edge of the can, and is injected with glue.

    2. Punch a hole in the middle of the formed base cover, and punch the O-shaped easy-tearable cover into a round hole; the D-shaped tear-off cover is punched out of the D-shaped hole.

    3. Crimp the edge of the hole in the middle of the cover toward the outer diameter direction, and the crimping direction is the inner side of the basic cover so that there are no burrs and gaps on the edge of the hole.

    4. To seal the aluminum foil, apply the embossed aluminum foil to the lid by heat sealing and seal the hole.

    5. Embossing, pressing the pattern on the aluminum foil is not only beautiful but also increases the strength of the aluminum foil.

    6. Testing and packaging, online detection of each easy-peel off the lid to check its tightness, and qualified products are automatically packaged.

    Common types of easy-peel off lids

    At present, the common ones include dry powder, boiled, breathable easy-tear caps with one-way valves, and personalized transparent and printed easy-peel-off lids of various sizes, with O-shaped or D-shaped inner rings, round or square outer rings, etc.


    Dry powder is easy to tear off the cap, and there is no high-temperature sterilization process. Widely used in canned food such as milk powder and snack food.

    -Easy-peel-off lids are easy to be boiled, with the characteristics of a high-temperature sterilization process. It is used in canned food such as stewed meat and luncheon meat.

    -The one-way breathable easy-peel-off lid is a one-way pressure relief valve embedded in the cover. It is used in the packaging of fermented foods such as canned coffee.

    -Transparent easy-peel-off lids, consumers can see the food in the jar, and high-temperature sterilization, such as UV resistance, waterproof, anti-oxidation, and other barrier properties.


    -The printed easy-peel-off lid is to pre-print various exquisite patterns on the required composite film on the easy-peel-off cover and complete it through the standard film punching process on the corresponding cover production equipment.

    As an excellent supplier of food packaging products in China, Qiming Packaging provides high-quality easy-peel-off lids, easy-open lids, and metal packaging cans. If you are interested, you can visit our website ( ) to get more product information and get preferential prices. 49mm/53mm/57mm/62mm/65mm/73mm/83mm/99mm/126mm/153mm, various sizes can be selected.

    If you are interested in us, contact us now to get more detail!

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    Are plastic buckets safe for food?

    Plastic buckets are mostly used for the storage and transportation of various products. They are not fragile, rust-free, light, and not easily deformed. They are also excellent in oil resistance and strong corrosion resistance. It is mostly used to hold liquid and solid objects in chemical raw materials, pesticides, lubricants, coatings, medicine, food, hardware and electronics, electromechanical and other industries. Specifications range from 100mL-40L.

    round buckets

    Are plastic buckets safe for food? The answer is yes. The plastic buckets are made of 100% Virgin PP/PE material, not recycled material, so the material is pure, food grade. We have passed many food packing tests and applied for many food grade test reports and certificates of food standard approval. If the plastic bucket needs to be in direct contact with food, its production materials need to be issued by the manufacturer with a material inspection report to confirm that it is a food material before it can be used.

    Below are some features of the food plastic bucket:

    -Color selection: Multi colors are selectable, customized colors based on the big order quantity.

    -Selection of plastic bucket materials: 1) Food grade, non-toxic, pollution-free, environmentally friendly, easy to degrade, suitable for food packaging. 2) Non-food grade, non-toxic, pollution-free, easy to degrade, untouched food, suitable for packaging of coating, glue, chemical products, and so on.

    -Two types of printing terms: Silk-screen printing or Heat transfer printing available.

    -Can be stacked for many layers, saving space and easy to take away.

    -Qiming Packaging provides the most complete testing items to ensure the quality and safety of the products so that the customers can rest assured.

    Different sizes are for your options, show you the size list for the plastic buckets:

    Specification (L) L*W*H(mm)
    0.5 100*100*86
    0.8 115*115*115
    1 130*130*107
    1.1 130*130*106
    1.1 127*127*111.5
    2.1 155*155*143
    2.8 176*176*146
    3 156*156*191
    3 196*196*125
    3 177*177*177
    3.5 206*206*117
    6.3 210*210*210
    6.4 209*209*211
    8.8 223*223*252
    10.6 224*224*304
    12 253*253*285
    16 264*264*326
    18.5 264*264*361
    19.4 278*278*342
    21 280*280*375
    Custom sizes and colours
    Specification Top * Bottom * Height(cm) Weight(kg)
    0.8L 11*9.4*10.3 0.053
    1L 11.5*9.3*11.7 0.08
    2L 15.7*13.9*15.7 0.15
    3L 18.5*16.4*16.5 0.2
    4L 24.2*21.5*27 0.28
    5L 21*18.5*20.8 0.28
    short 5L 23*21*18.5 0.33
    6L 21.7*19.5*21 0.338
    9L 24.5*21.5*24.5 0.495
    10L 25.8*23*27 0.56
    15L 28*25.5*31.5 0.71
    16L 28.5*25.5*31.5 0.72
    18L 30*26*36.3 0.95
    New Little 18L 29.3*26.3*35 0.79
    New Little 20L 29.5*26.5*36.5 0.895
    Double edge 20L 30*26.5*38 1
    New 20L 30.5*27*38 1.06
    Screw 20L 30*27*37.5 0.933
    25L 32*28*39.2 1.145
    30L 33.5*29.5*42.8 1.530
    40L 35.4*31.7*37.9 2.43
    The above are only regular sizes, there are errors in manual measurement, please contact us for final product parameter confirmation. Accept the customized service of weight and size.

    Qiming Packaging is a professional manufacturer specializing in plastic packaging containers such as plastic buckets, pails, bottles, etc. They are widely used for packaging food, chemicals, paints, and so on. If you are interested in any type, please contact us at for a prompt answer. We’d love to work with you together in the near future.

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    Oval Bucket Plastic

    Buckets are one of the most popular containers around. They are designed to be tall with a big mouth opening and, in most cases, they are built with a handle. The primary goal of a bucket is to conveniently store and bring items from one place to another. However, not all buckets are created equally. Some buckets are made with materials that are sensitive when it comes in contact with other items while other buckets need constant maintenance so they won’t break, Qiming Group was established in 2012 that specialized in producing 0.5L to 20L in numerous specifications and colors of pail packs . Plastic Buckets as a whole have revolutionized the image of the bucket. They have risen to become more than just storage units. They have become a toy, a reliable tool for all occasions, and also a great way to save costs.

    Oval Plastic Bucket
    Oval Bucket Plastic

    We are specialized in plastic packaging and change every kind of plastic material, complete administration, and one-stop production for our product, including plastic buckets, plastic covers, plastic handles, iron handles, molding production, screen plate creation, silk printing, thermal transfer, IML, etc.

    Oval Bucket Plastic

    Our buckets are with 100% new virgin material which is strong enough, our plastic buckets have passed SGS, FDA, IFGB, and CE certifications. Food Grade Plastic Bucket is very convenient for food packing, like milk, yogurt, honey, ice cream, popcorn, nut, etc.

    Oval plastic bucket
    Oval plastic bucket

    These oval barrel series are offered in 6 different capacities. It was especially for the small volume which to suitable for liquid and chemical products. The oval plastic bucket is a lightweight, simple working indoor space that is smaller and more efficient. It is very easy to stack and move when needed for transportation. It has good corrosion resistance to acids, alkalis, and other chemicals, and its chemical stability is even better than gold. The high specific strength also is the obvious characteristic of the oval bucket, which can provide more different shapes, and be helpful to our daily life’s convenience.

    If you are interested in us, contact us now to get more detail!

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    How to choose wet wipe buckets

    Wet wipe buckets are very common products in life. Especially in some American and Middle-East countries such as the US, Canada, and so on, they are very common.


    How much we know about the wet wipe buckets? Below are some pieces of knowledge about it.

    1. What is the difference between a food-grade wet wipe bucket and a non-food-grade wet wipe bucket?

    Answer: The difference between food grade and non-food grade is the types of dyes used for coloring and the type of chemicals used to release the buckets from the molds. Most food-grade buckets are white. The same type of plastic is used in the manufacture of both.

    2. What wet wipe buckets are food grade?

    Answer: The best food-grade buckets are PE or PP material. The molecules of PE or PP are more tightly packed and stable than other food-grade plastics, meaning less plastic can leach into your precious food stores. The PE wet wipe buckets are more resistant to low temperatures, the PP wet wipe buckets are more resistant to high temperatures, so you can choose the wet wipe buckets in suitable material according to your needs.

    3. How can I tell if a wet wipe bucket is food grade?
    Answer: Most plastic containers, usually on the bottom, will have a small triangle mark. This number doesn’t mean that it’s food grade as many people suppose. But rather it tells what kind of plastic the bucket is made of.

    4. What types of wet wipe buckets do you have?

    Answer: Different kinds of wet wipe buckets are for your reference such as plastic round wet wipe buckets or plastic square wet wipe buckets. And different sizes are for your options from 1L-18L. Show you the available sizes for our wet wipe buckets:

    Plastic Gym Wet Wipe Plastic Buckets Manufacturer Wholesale With Lids For SaleHot sale products

    The colors of the bucket body, the lid, and the flip-top cap can be customized, white/red/green/blue colors are available. The plastic handle or metal handle can be chosen to meet the different needs of customers.

    Would you like to have a wet wipe bucket? If you would like to know more about our wet wipe buckets, you could also contact us by email or call us to know more. (

    Qiming Packaging Pace Your More Safety Life!

    plastic plugs

    What size of plug is in a 55 gallon drum?

    Standard drums can have different 55 gallon drum plug types. Usually, drums will have two different openings. (or bungs)  One of them is always going to be a fine thread which in North America is 2″ NPS. (National Pipe Straight) In addition, the drum will always have a second bung which will either be large or small. If this secondary bung is large it is most likely a 63 mm buttress. technical details here. However it is often mistakenly called a 2-inch Buttress, but this is an inaccuracy.  In any case, both of these threads are straight (not tapered like the NPT) and therefore they use an o-ring to provide a liquid-tight seal. If the second bung is small in diameter, it is almost certainly a 3/4 inch NPS thread in North America.

    Buttress threads come in many different sizes around the world, and each container manufacturer seems to favor its own particular thread pitch and depth. Narrowing this to the chemical drum industry in North America, the 63 mm size is the most common. Occasionally this is also called a 2″ Buttress but this is an imprecise description. A nice feature of the Buttress plug is that it threads in place after only 3 turns or so.  Also, the Buttress threads are much coarser than NPS and will never get stripped. Finally, because the threads are so coarse, it is easier to start the thread engagement than with a fine thread like the 2-inch NPS. 

    plastic plugs
    55 gallon drum plug

    Drum Plugs Bungs

     Plastic and metal drum plugs (bungs) and caps

    Manufacturer and exporter of a complete range of drum plugs, cap-seals, and crimping tools compatible with drums (barrels) of all brands. 

    Custom Design: We also design and manufacture cap-seals, plugs, and tools for drums, cans, and any container as per customer requirements.

    Worldwide door delivery.

    Also available :

    – Round-head steel drum plugs

    – Drum plug gasket for metal and plastic plugs: Nitrile, EPDM, Silicone, and Viton

    – Plastic and metal caps for bottles, cans, jars, and other containers

    If you are interested in us, contact us now to get more detail!

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