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Plastic Recycling

An estimated 8 million metric tons of plastic pour into the oceans every year, amounting to the equivalent of one garbage truck every minute, USAID Counselor Chris Milligan told a crowd at the Wilson Center in Washington, D.C., said on August 8th, 2019. This makes us feel the need for plastic recycling again. There are […]

The Difference Between PVC and PE

Our life is inseparable from plastic products. There are two kinds of materials in plastic products, PE and PVC, which are very easy to confuse. Hope our next article will help you understand more about them–The Difference Between PVC and PE. (Examples include) 1) PE materials are compared with traditional plastics and have excellent thermal […]

Are PVCs dangerous?

Are PVCs dangerous? Can you use it with confidence? Many people may have that doubts. After all, PVC is quite common in our daily life. This post mainly analyses the composition and raw materials. We hope to have a little help in solving your confusion. The following picture must be familiar, right? It’s the most […]

Qiming Packaging Plastic Buckets

Qiming Packaging Plastic Buckets in a round, square, rectangular shape and in a large inventory, customized sizes, and logo service are available. Food grade and non-food grade are both acceptable. FREE samples are also available for quality and size check. About Qiming Packaging Plastic Buckets A.Qiming Packaging Production Process The plastic raw material granules are […]

How to buy a blister packaging?

Blister packaging: a general term for the production of plastic products by the blister process and packaging of the products with the corresponding equipment. Blister packaging products mainly include blister, tray, plastic box, synonym: vacuum cover, blister and so on. Blister pack equipment mainly includes a plastic molding machine, punching machine, sealing machine, high-frequency machine, […]

Those Plastic Things You May Not Know

Every day, people use plastics in various applications. Over the last 50 to 60 years, the uses for plastic have expanded to infiltrate virtually every aspect of life. Because of how versatile the material is, and how affordable it can be, it has taken the place of other products including wood and metals. The properties of […]

Qiming Drum Cap Seals

Qiming Drum Cap Seals are with complete sizes and specifications. There are two types of drum closures in general. One is used on plastic drums and the other is used on steel drums. Then what characteristics should the drum cap seals have? Qiming Drum Cap Seals tinplate metal one–2 inch 3/4 inch show Qiming Drum […]