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Safe Can Lids For Pets

1. About Silicone Pet Food Lids Qiming Packaging Pet Food Lids have two material lids, PE material lids and silicone material lids, they have many usages, which is the reason of popularity of many countries: A.Cover Food, fruit, vegetables, seafood, etc. B.Cover the canning tin containers C.Isolation of odor, preservation, and prevention of food oxidation […]

Plastic Recycling

* Plastic environmental pollution has become a global problem. An estimated 8 million metric tons of plastic pour into the oceans every year, amounting to the equivalent of one garbage truck every minute, USAID Counselor Chris Milligan told a crowd at the Wilson Center in Washington, D.C., said on August 8th, 2019. There are now […]

The difference between PVC and PE

1. PE material is a crystalline crystalline polyethylene crystalline polymer, and different densities of polyethylene have different crystallinity. If the crystallinity of the PE material is high, the density must also be very high. 1) PE materials are compared with traditional plastics and have excellent thermal properties. When the PE material is heated, the crystallization […]

Are PVC’s dangerous?

Are PVC’s dangerous? Can you use it with confidence? Many people asked me this question. Many manufacturers have asked me how to distinguish PVC material is dangerous or not. Below I will introduce you about PVC. 1. PVC is divided into soft PVC and hard PVC. Because soft PVC contains softener, it is easy to become brittle and […]

Application and features of Plastic Buckets

About Plastic Buckets A.Production Process The plastic raw material granules are added to the injection molding machine, and the plastic is melted by high-temperature high-pressure injection into the steel mold through the heating of the cylinder. After cooling, the mold is opened and the product is taken out, and the finished product is obtained by […]

What do you know about blister knowledge?

Blister: A plastic processing technology. The main principle is to heat and soften the flat plastic sheet. It is vacuum-adsorbed on the surface of the mold and cooled to form. It is widely used in plastic packaging, lighting, advertising, decoration, and other industries. Blister packaging: a general term for the production of plastic products by […]