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How do I know what oil cap to get?

Tangshan Qiming Trade Co., Ltd.  known as “Qiming Packaging”, Qiming Packaging is a professional engaged in the research, development, sale, and service of packaging and printing products.  Our factory owns professional injection equipment and blister equipment and has tooled 108 kinds of molds to cater to different customer preferences. 1L 2L 4L 5L 6L plastic […]

IBC Tote Adapter

Several types of barrels are commonly used in industrial barrels, such as conventional IBC totes, plastic water towers, and steel drums. They are often used as hazardous waste shipments. Used in different environments, the transport container has different interface forms to facilitate the long-term barrier-free disposal of liquid hazardous waste. IBC totes: conventional IBC totes […]

Application of stackable plastic drying tray

Available industries: suitable for various industries, fruit and vegetable industry (candied fruits and medicinal materials, tea, etc.) Food industry, clothing, and textile industry, electronics and electrical appliances industry, poultry and egg industry, ocean fishing and aquatic products industry, freezing and refrigeration industry, automobile bicycle industry, automobile industry. What are the advantages of the plastic tray produced by […]