Plastic vegetable basket

Check list on plastic vegetable baskets

  1. Food grade PE raw materials: PE raw materials, strong bearing capacity, high -temperature resistance, non-toxic and tasteless, environmentally friendly and recyclable, hygienic and easy to clean.
  2. Strong and durable appearance, reusable, can be stacked to more than 10 layers.
  3. Design of reinforcing bars, anti-fall, anti-aging, anti-freezing and high temperature.
  4. Strong and durable, good corrosion resistance to various acids and bases
  5. Thicker bottom, anti-skid ring in the middle, prominent part in the four corners, anti-skid.
  6. Multi-empty grid design, load bearing and increase the air permeability of goods at the bottom of the leak.
  7. Anti-skid function at the bottom, easy to stack: the bottom is tightly reinforced and adopts anti-skid and anti-theft design, without worries about manuscripts.
  8. Smooth corner design, handling and unloading process to avoid scratches, and surface mandarin, comfortable grip.
  9. Clean and beautiful: beautiful outline, not easy to dirt, easy to remove dirt
  10. Smooth and smooth surface without backstabbing, good stability for placing articles
  11. Various sizes, optional customizable size.

Plastic vegetable baskets can be used for transportation and storage of vegetables and fruits, household, factory acceptance, food processing and storage, turnover, cleaning, brewing, fermentation, pickling, and storage in the vegetable processing industry.

  • 100% brand-new material, guaranteeing no return
  • Advanced production equipment, adequate spot memory
  • 48 hours of rapid delivery, strict quality inspection process before delivery to ensure product quality
  • Have a complete and scientific quality management system

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