Difference Of Silicone And PE Pet Food Lids

Qiming Pet Food lids fit both Cat and Dog Food Cans of customized color available. Colorful, durable, made of PE and silicone. Keeps your left over pet foods fresh to avoid wasting. Qiming pet food lids are meant to be more of a universal fit so they will work with most can sizes. Free sample for you to check.

Silicone pet food can lids  for dog or cat food containers

pet food can cover

Size of silicone pet food Lids covers for dog /cat food cans

pet food can cover5

PE pet food can covers size 88 mm 75mm

pet plastic cover lid for dog food can cat food can

PE pet food can covers size 88 mm 75mm


Silicone material has excellent heat resistance, cold resistance, dielectric properties, resistance to ozone and atmospheric aging performance,  The outstanding performance is that it can be used in a wide range of temperature, can be in 60 ℃ temperature (or lower) to + 250 ℃ temperature (or higher) use for a long time. It has excellent physiological inertia, non – toxic, tasteless.


PE is non-toxic, tasteless, has good low-temperature resistance (the lowest temperature can reach 70 ~ 100 ℃), chemical stability is good, It can stand most of acid and alkali erosion (acid). PE does not dissolve in solvents at normal temperature, small water imbibition, good electrical insulation performance. Under normal temperature, it is relatively hard, inelastic. When the temperature reaches 80 degrees, it begins to be softening. It will lost the use function at 150 degrees.

Pet Food Lids Dog Food Can Lids Cat Food Can Covers


  • Helps to keep pet food fresh.
  • Can also be used on standard food tins.
  • Durable plastic material.
  • Internal measurement approx. 75mm & 88mm(fits 32oz & 13oz tins)
  • Easy to use, prevent the unpleasant smell of opened food cans.
  • No special tool required


Our MOQ is 10000 pieces, it can be less if it is a trail order.


FREE samples available for quality checking. Contact our support team by email to learn more about the postage details, quantity, and packaging.

PE Pet Food Lids

  • Size

    Out diameter 88 mm, inner diameter 75 mm, please refer to the following image .

  • Material

    High quality of 100% new plastic (HDPE or LDPE or as per required)

  • Application

    Widely used for the dog can or cat can.

  • Surface Finish

    Plastic engraving logo cute claw/paw image

  • General Pakage Information

    plastic bags and cartons.

  • Free Samples

    Free Samples available for you for quality testing. Please filling in the FREE SAMPLE application form, it is quick and easy.

  • Delivery Time

    3-10 days or as per your quantity requirement .

Pet Food Lids Video

Silicone rubber canned lids

Application Cover various Pet Food Cans, food cans etc.
Size 65mm,75mm,85mm
Color Red, blue, green, yellow etc
Material Silicone
Feature Dust-proof, isolate bad odor
Weight 40g
Logo Available
Sample Free
pet food can cover

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Tips For Maintenance Of Silicone Canned Lids

*Before the first use, please use hot water cleaning sterilization, after cleaning, please use a soft cloth wipe and store in a dry ventilated place.
*Please do not place it in a high temperature environment for a long time, so as not to affect its service life.
*It is important to note that container which is covered can not contain sharp edges or damaged edges to prevent scratching the silicone canned lids.
*If it is not used for a long time, please put it in a box without direct sunlight.

Why Choose Qiming Pet Food Can Covers ?

Rich experience in manufacturering pet food can covers

Free samples available to check the quality and  ensure  what are  your exact needs .

Manufactured in compliance with  ISO9001:2008 .100% new plastic.

Keeps your left over pet foods fresh to avoid wasting.Easy to use, prevent the unpleasant smell of opened food cans.

75mm & 88mm(fits 32oz & 13oz tins)in stock ,Gray and green,red, yellow, blue in stock .CUSTOMIZED size or color available.

Your own lOGO can be printed/engraved ,if the quantity is more than 10000 pieces .No Logo also accepted.

Any interest on our Pet Food Can Covers ? Send us an email for a FAST QUOTATION now!