HMWHDPE 200L Oil Drum Plastic plug

In order to make our products have strong rigidity, impact resistance, low temperature resistance, tensile strength and good environmental stress cracking resistance (ESCR). The raw material we used is high molecular weight high density polyethylene (HMWHDPE). It can meet the requirement of 200L barrel. The average molecular number of HMWHDPE is about 300,000-400,000. While the average molecular number of ordinary blow-moulded HDPE is about 100,000-200,000, which is suitable for blow-moulded products of less than 100L.

High strength drum plastic plug (equipped with sealing gaskets, according to different barreled solutions, equipped with sealing gaskets of different materials. there are the gaskets with food grade, strong acid and alkali resistance, solvent solubility resistance), beautiful appearance, can be recycled many times without affecting strength. The silk tooth structure of the plastic plug is closely matched with the silk tooth of the drum mouth, which is difficult to produce and process, and has good sealing performance.

Drum Plastic plug

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Application of Drum Plastic plug

200L plastic drum plugs

Sealing 200l plastic drums.

Plastic drum cap seals

Drum Plastic plug suitable for sealing oil, chemicals products etc.

Different sizes of Drum Plastic plug

Qiming Drum Plastic plug

Diameter: 55mm with berathing hole

Qiming Drum Plastic plug

Diameter: 60mm

Qiming Drum Plastic plug

Diameter: 70mm

Product view about Drum Plastic plug

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Drum Plastic plug

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Qiming drum bungs drum plugs technical data
Size D D1 H b d all screw size standard
G2 Plug 61.2±0.3 56.0±0.3 15.4±0.3 3.0±03 G2 GB/T7307-2001
G3/4 Plug 28.2±0.3 22.9±0.3 13.6±0.3 30.±0.3 G3/4 GB/T7307-2001
All the unit in millimetre (mm)-Free Samples available for quality checking

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