Metal Buckets Pails

Are you looking for Metal Buckets Pails? Qiming Packaging is a professional manufacture specializing in all kinds of metal buckets pails. Moreover , their top lids,bottom lids ,handles also sold separately . 80% of our Metal Buckets Pails material is tinplate. Tinplate  also commonly known as tin and  the tin plating steel sheet,.English abbreviation is SPTE, refers to commercially pure tin plating on both sides of cold rolled low carbon steel sheet or steel tape. The main role of tinplate is to prevent corrosion and rusting. It  combines  steel ‘s strength and forge ability  and tin’s corrosion resistance ,easy-welding and beautiful appearance into one  material, so tinplate is of  corrosion resistant, nontoxic, high strength,and good ductility in  characteristics.If you do not find the ideal one in this page or in our website ,please contact our supporting team by  today!

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Qiming Packaging Metal Buckets Pails Categories
Tight Head Steel Buckets Pails
tin cans
tin cans

Note : matched metal lids caps covers also avail in Qiming Packaging .If you do not find the design you are looking for in this page ,please contact our support team for a further discussion