China Drum Seal Crimping Tool

Drum Cap Crimpers

No MOQ limit, 1 set can be sent . Another types of drum cap crimping tools for 2 inch and 3/4 inch drum cap seals  also hot sales now. Also the metal tin buckets pails with lug lids and top metal container lids cap covers available in Qiming Packaging.

Drum Cap Crimpers,Lug lids crimper machine drum cap seal crimping tools

Drum Cap Crimpers ,Lug lids crimper machine for 5-20l pails barrels

Product Advantages

Long service Life
Less Abrasion
High Mechanical Strength
Good Toughness
Tight Capping
Accurate Manufacture
Convenient Operation

No MOQ,1 Set Can Be Sent By Express

Prime Quality Is Our Cluture

Drum Cap Crimpers Product Specification

Product Description

Drum Cap Sealing Tool ,Barrel Crimping Tool For Barrels And Paint Pails.


Tool Steel,Cast Steel

Operation Notice

  • The operator has to place the tool on the cap-seal
  • Bring and adjust the handle down in the horizontal position
  • Press claws, crown cap is extruded corrugated peripheral retracted, stuck in the neck portion of the barrel flange
  • Finish mechanical connection between the barrel lids and the barrel mouth
  • Have an unrivaled security and perfect wrinkle-free sealing.

Technical Parameters

Item Parameter/Specification
Mode of Operation Manual
Paws No. 16pcs
Cap Diameter 300mm
Max. Force 80N
Working Force 680±50 N
Dimension 858*355mm ;675×345mm;658×355mm
Air Pressure 5-8Pa(air pump equipped with the air-powered)
Weight 11±1Kg
Application Scope Qiming Drum Cap Sealing Tool Barrel Crimping Tool mainly used for opening barrels, paint barrels, oil barrels, drums, paint bucket, portable bucket (convenience barrel) Series.
Application Standard ( 4L-20L paint bucket/pail)
Modle Application
QM-T200 5L standard barrels (Also suite for Flower Edge Bucket ,200 mm in lid diameter)
QM-T250 10L standard barrels (Also suite for Flower Edge Bucket,250 mm in lid diameter)
QM-T300 18L and 20L standard barrels (Also suite for Flower Edge Bucket ,300 mm in lid diameter)


  • Reasonable Structure,
  • Accurate Manufacture
  • Beautiful Appearance
  • Convenient Operation
  • Excellent Quality
  • Reasonable Price
  • Fast Delivery

Drum Cap Crimpers ,Lug Lids Crimper Machine Product Display

barrel crimping tool ,Lug lids crimper machine for 18-20l pails barrels

Lug Lids Crimper Machine-Qiming Packaging

barrel crmiping tool 300 mm dia crimper

Drum Cap Crimpers For 5-20 L Tin Pail Barrel

barrel crimping tool ,Lug lids crimper machine for 18-20l pails barrels

Barrel Crimping Tools Drum Cap Crimpers For 18-20 L Tin Pail Barrel Lud Lids

Drum Cap Crimpers ,Lug Lids Crimper Machine Detail Display

pail crimping tool 300mm dia metal pail crimper sealing tools

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