Qiming Drum Accessories Products Category

Qiming Packaging group is based in China. The focus of this organization is fully geared towards the design ,manufacturing ,production and supply of industrial container packaging products .

Due to our prime quality ,reasonable price and outstanding service, our products have been exported to 20 countries and regions including Europe, North America, South America, Middle East and Southeast Asia.

  • Main products & popular products : drum closures ,drum cap seals .Because of special requirement and economical consideration ,their components –steel drum bungs ,steel drum flanges ,plastic plugs ,various gaskets also sold separately . As to drum cap seals ,various colors metal cap seals and plastic ones  available for you to choose from . They are important parts for 200 L / 55 gallon steel oil drums.So if you are a drum maker ,please try our drum closures and drum cap seals ! Besides  stocked FREE SAMPLES,you will be impressed by our competitive price and intimate service .
  • Main products & customized fancy products :tinplate cans ,plastic and metal buckets barrels pails,lids caps and covers  .
  • Tin plate cans series—Alcohol fuel tin plate cans ,Round Tin Cans,Rectangle and square Tin cans , Christmas gift tin boxes are hot sales now.You can only think of are not impossible.
  • Express Suitable Products : samples ,cap seal tools ,accessories .

Other products,please see following Qiming Product Category Diagram or contact us by mail@qiminggroup.com.

Qiming Package is your reliable source for Packaging containers and their accessories.

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Qiming Packaging Group Product Category Diagram shows as below for your reference .You can save it in your computer or mobile or SNS collection  for easy checking next time .

Qiming Packaging Product Category Diagram

Above is just the summay of our main paroducts . If you want to learn more about our core competence products –drum closures and drum cap seals  in plastic or metal in detail including description ,size ,drawing,appliacation ,features and operation  instruction, please see following vedio or PDF documents .

Qiming Drum Accessories Products Category Vedio

Qiming Drum Accessories Products Category PDF

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