4 Tips On Purchasing 55 Gallon Drum Cap Seals Oil Drum Cap Seals

55 gallon or 200 litre drums are popular over the world . They are made from steel or plastic with main color of blue or red or black . When use the closed head cover drum type , cap seals are neccessary protection against  tamper or thief . Also with customized logo or language will help to improve the international brand  . Here4 Tips On Purchasing 55 Gallon Drum Cap Seals Oil Drum Cap Seals ,hope it will a little help in your job.

Tip 1 : Knowing What Are 55 Gallon Drum Cap Seals Oil Drum Cap Seals

55 Gallon Drum Cap Seals Oil Drum Cap Seals are lightweight metal or plastic caps which crimp over the bung openings of drums with a sealing  tool. To remove them, they must be destroyed, that is also why it is easy to tell if tampering has occurred. Qiming Packaging offers a complete line of  drum bung cap seals for steel and plastic drums either in tinplate or plastic. Following pictures are the  popular styles from us. 100% real image flilimg ,please rest assured to purchase if you are interested.

Just the technical drawing and data for your reference . For more information and customized service ,please contact us freely any time. We assure you any relevant inquiry will get our fast attention soon ! Before Purchasing 55 Gallon Drum Cap Seals Oil Drum Cap Seals, you must aware of  your drums ‘ material and drum content chemical property well.

Drum CAP SEALS Drawing from Qiming packaging
Drum Metal Cap Seals -Qiming Packaging
Item d d 1 H h δ
G2 Cap Seal 69.40 63.00 11.00 2.50 0.28
G3/4 Cap Seal
All the units in millimetre (mm)-Free Samples available for quality checking
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Tip 2: Learing 55 Gallon Drum Cap Seals Oil Drum Cap Seals Main Function

When Purchasing 55 Gallon Drum Cap Seals Oil Drum Cap Seals ,you must know what  is the main funtion of your required cap seals . Qiming Packaging drum cap seals are for added protection against tampering ,leakage and rain-proof , we offer a choice of cap seals as a final drum closure component. All of our cap seal designs are suitable for virtually any packaged product.

The metal tamper evident Drum Bung Cap Seals with flowed-in gaskets(you may called washer) are  the most efficient commercial sealing device developed to protect the goods in drums.

Tip 3 : Understand 55 Gallon Drum Cap Seals Oil Drum Cap Seals Size And Application

All of our drum bung cap seals are available in 2 inch and 3/4 inch and are designed to fit steel drums  with a round bung.They are available in any color and your required logo .At the same time,our drum bung cap seals also fit a few plastic and fiber drums. Upon drums are filled,  drum bung cap seals are screwed in the flanges using pneumatic or hand operated bung tightener or torque wrench. To secure the contents of the drums against theft and adulteration during shipment,  that is why drum bung cap seals are applied . These  drum bung cap seals  sit on top of the flanges and are ‘crimped’ using drum cap seal crimping tools (also named drum cap sealers). Once  drum bung cap seals are crimped, the plugs or bungs can be unscrewed only by breaking these  drum bung cap seals .

While Purchasing 55 Gallon Drum Cap Seals Oil Drum Cap Seals for plastic drums ,we have many sizes to suit different palstic drum mouth hole all over the world ,like 65*68mm,80*3mm,86*89mm,76*79mm,81*78mm,82*86mm and so on .

Tip 4 : Choise Of 55 Gallon Drum Cap Seals Oil Drum Cap Seals Material

We supply Two different materials of  drum bung cap seals fit your different drums’ requirements.

  • Material:Tinplate .  Thickness of tinplate are optional from  0.2 mm to 0.35 mm. Drum cap sealing tool needed .various colors available .Logo application available. Strong evident  drum bung cap seals.
  • Material:Plastic .PE(PE Polyethylene).No crimping tool required ,ease of application .Chemically resistant ,recyclable plastic and lower cost ,various colors available .Logo application available.Size available : 65*68mm,80*3mm,86*89mm,76*79mm,81*78mm,82*86mm and so on. Almost covered all the different 55 gallon plastic drum cap seals size in the world. Contact mail@qiminggroup.com  for more info .

—Choose Qiming Packaging and Find Suitable 2 Inch And 3/4 Inch Drum Bung Cap Seals Soon

Above are just some basic tips to find suitable 2 Inch and 3/4 Inch drum bung cap seals for your reference. Qiming Pacakging  in the business of manufacturing and marketing drum bung cap seals for steel drums and plastic drums .Three plastic styles in stock can be applied to drums without the use of a crimping tools ,three tinplate styles in stock also available .Any color and logo is acceptable . Contact us for a FREE sample sending and pricing information  today!

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