Custom Vinyl Stickers

custom vinyl stickers

What is vinyl? What is the relationship between PVC plastic and vinyl? What is custom vinyl stickers?

custom vinyl stickers

PVC plastic is actually a kind of vinyl polymer.Simply put, an aqueous solution of salt undergoes chemical decomposition under the action of electric current.This process produces chlorine, caustic soda and hydrogen.Refining and cracking petroleum or gasoline can produce ethylene.When chlorine and ethylene are mixed, ethylene dichloride is produced;dichloroethylene can be converted to produce chlorinated vinyl, which is the basic component of polyvinyl chloride.The polymerization process connects chlorinated vinyl molecules together to form a polyvinyl chloride chain.The polyvinyl chloride produced in this way is in the form of a white powder. It cannot be used alone, but it can be mixed with other ingredients to produce many products.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of custom vinyl stickers?

custom vinyl stickers

  Custom vinyl sticker are non-flammable, high-strength,weather resistance and excellent geometric stability,special advantages such as strong resistance to oxidants, reducing agents and strong acids.In addition, due to its good flexibility, shrinkage and opacity, good processing and labeling performance, strong chemical resistance, strong and durable, it is suitable for long-term outdoor use.

  However, custom vinyl stickers has poor thermal stability and light resistance.It can start to decompose and release hydrogen chloride (HCl) gas above 140°C, which is not conducive to environmental protection (basic stabilizers and HCl are often added in actual production to inhibit the catalytic cracking reaction).In addition, some toxic auxiliary materials such as plasticizers and anti-aging agents are added in the manufacturing process to enhance its heat resistance, toughness, ductility, etc., so its products generally do not store food and medicine.In addition, vinyl stickers materials have poor degradability, which has a negative impact on environmental protection.

  Through the above introduction, we have learned that custom vinyl sticker are more advanced than ordinary stickers and have better stability, which meets the requirements of many high-end enterprises.The disadvantage is that it will have a certain impact on environmental protection.After all, it belongs to the category of plastic products. Every good product has two sides.Of course, Qiming will uphold the attitude of maximizing strengths and avoiding weaknesses and develop new products. While ensuring the high-end and stability of P vinyl sticker labels, we will make an environmentally friendly and environmentally friendly product. This is our ultimate pursuit.However, due to the limitations of technological development, for now,custom vinyl stickers are a very good product.

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