Drum Closure Instructions

some tips on 2 inch and 3/4 inch drum closures instructions

This article introduces some tips of the steel drum closure instructions on sizes ,material ,structure,surface treatment ,installation  and application .They are popular in the 55 gallon or 200 liter steel drums ,also widely spread into small and medium size steel barrels ,lubricating oil pails drums these years .

Brief instruction of drum closure

Many drums or packaging containers require a means of closing.It can be a separate device or seal or sometimes an integral latch or lock. Drum closure  is fitting which closes or seals the hole in the drum cover for a better stock or transportation .drum closure need threads attaching to the container with sufficient security. Qiming packaging drum plug  thread is international standard .

Purpose of drum closure

  • Keep the drum closed and the drum contents contained for the specified shelf life until time of opening
  • Provide a barrier to dirt, oxygen, moisture, etc. Control of permeation is critical to many types of products: foods, chemicals, etc.
  • Keep the product secure from undesired premature opening
  • Allow reasonable ease to open the container by the tools
  • Meet the requirements of safety, security  and environmental requirements.

Constituent part of drum clousure

  • Qiming Packaging  one set drum closures include 2 ” drum flanges +2″drum plugs+ 3/4 “drum  flanges +3/4” drum plugs+ 4 pieces of gaskets.
  • Type: 6 welding points(big) +2 welding points(small)/ 4 welding points(big) +2 welding points(small)

Surface Treatment of drum clousure

  • Zinc Plated/Galvanized (Trivalent Chromium)
  • Zinc Plated/Galvanized (Six Chromium)
  • Vanished

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Size of drum clousure

  • 2 inch
  • 3/4 inch

Material of drum clousure

Steel  Plugs—cold rolled sheet(CR)/Flanges—hot rolled (HR) carbon steel

Installation of drum clousure

Curling the flange edge —>Welding in drum 2 inch and 3/4 inch holes —>Install drum plugs drum bungs—>Sealing the drum bungs by drum cap seals or plastic drum snap-on caps.

Above are the  brief drum closure instructions from Qiming Packaging ,for more information or technical support ,please contact us by mail@qiminggroup.com.

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