How to test the quality of plastic square bucket?

As a supplier of plastic bucket, generally, we test the quality of bucket by these ways. Of course, as a buyer, you could also test it by these same ways to help yourself to choose the high quality plastic bucket. Because the quality of bucket is very important to us, we need to test its using safety, sealing ablity and so on.  Below is my introduction about how to test the quality of plastic square bucket.

1. Drop test,  2. Hydraulic test, 3. Stacking test, 4. Hanging test.

1.Drop test: Generally we throw the bucket from10 meters high to test its hardness.
2.Hydraulic test: We can promise that the bottom of bucket wouldn’t be damaged, and the bucket can be used repeatedly under certain internal pressure.
3.Stacking test: We stack the buckets for 10 meters high in high temperature or low temperature, to ensure that it would not be out of shape.
4.Hanging test: We hang the bucket’s handle for 72 hours to ensure that it is safe and would not fall off, to ensure the safety during the using process of customers.

If your plastic square bucket can pass these tests, congratulations on your choice of a high quality bucket!

plastic square bucket

Plastic square bucket , Free samples are available for quality and size check. Please contact our support team to arrange them today!

Details Introduction Of Plastic Square Bucket

square plastic bucket detail

Plastic square bucket , Free samples are available for quality and size check. Please contact our support team to arrange them today!

Dimension Of Plastic Square Bucket

 Various Sizes To Meet Your Different Needs For Storage.

4L plastic square bucket

Plastic Square Bucket With Lid And Metal/Plastic Handle.

Plastic Square Bucket With Different Colors Available

12L plastic square bucket

We Can Also Offer Clear Plastic Square Bucket

18L plastic square bucket

Free Sample And Customized Size For Plastic Square Bucket

Specification Of Plastic Square Bucket

Capacity Size(Top*Bottom*Height)(unit:cm) Unit Weight(g) Handle Type
2L 15*12*21 130 Plastic
10L 24*21*28 620 Plastic
18L 26.5*23*36 950 Plastic
20L 27*23*37 1200 Plastic
* top diameters include lid ,height diameters exclude lid. *just popular capacity above ,other capacities can be customized.

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