How To Use Drum Cap Seal Crimping Tool?

55 gallon or 200l drum cap seal crimping tool

Drum Cap Seal Crimping Tool used to crimp the cap seals tin plate with 70mm and 35 mm diameter .  Before learning how to use drum cap seal crimping tool? we’d better learn first about the drum cap sealer specification as following.Click + to see each explanation .

Another Names

barrel cap sealers, capseal crimpers, cap seal closing,

drum cap sealing machine,   drum cap sealing tool, cap sealer,

cap sealing tool,barrel crimping tool,manual crimping tool .

Cap Diameter

Cap diameter :(50 mm) [cap outer diameter 70 mm ]
(20mm) [cap outer diameter 35 mm ]

Material In Detail

Complete steel body,aluminum knobs on handles


Hardened jaws , Light weight ,Rugged design , Reasonable price,Wrinkle-free sealing

Reasonable structure , Tight sealing , Easy operation, High performance.

Technical Parameter

Size 2" and 3/4"
Mode of operation Hand Operated /Manual
Jaw number 2" tool has 16 jaws,3/4" tool has 16 jaws (General Sets)
Dimension 100(66)mm*400mm
Material High quality 45# Tool Steel or Abrasion-resistant steel
Bottle Diameter 3-15mm
Net Weight 4.5 kg--6 kg as per different materials.
Cap diameter (50mm){cap outer diameter 70 mm }
(19mm){cap outer diameter 35 mm}
Application For standard drum cap seal--2''(70mm cap seal) & 3/4''(35mm cap seal) in 200 liter (53 gallon) drum/barrel

Operation Notice

  • The operator has to place the tool on the cap-seal
  • Bring and adjust the handle down in the horizontal position
  • To seal the cap-seal
  • Have an unrivaled security and perfect wrinkle-free sealing.

Scope Of Application

Widely used in cap-making, drum-making , can-making , lubricant ,

paint-manufacturing ,chemical , petroleum , grain,oil

and other liquid packaging industries.

Transportation Methods

For 1-2 sets by Express (DHL, UPS, EMS, SF,TNT ,FedEx and etc.)

For >= 3 sets by sea/by air.

Your other prefer methods can be negotiated.

Package And Delivery

Standard Cartons,  3-5days as usual or as per your quantity .

Above all, it is not hard to find that how to use drum cap seal crimping tool.There are three steps below .

  1. The operator has to place the tool on the cap-seal, please pay attention to the corresponding position , 70mm cap seals with Big cap sealer ,35mm cap seals with the Small caps sealer.
  2. Bring and adjust the handle down in the horizontal position. Ensure that the tool is horizontal.Perpendicicular  to the center of the ap seal  circle .
  3. To seal the cap-seal by using proper energy .

Want t to know more about  Drum Cap Seal Crimping Tool ,please click the picture as below . Or feel free to contact with us by email .Please note it that all the tools are adjusted properly before delivery, you can use them Directly  when you received.