Plastic Bags Recycling

With the enhancement of human economic activities, the consumption of resources is becoming faster and faster, and the supply of resources has become tense, while the exploitation of resources, there is a growing problem of environmental pollution. Plastic bags are the most common, so this article will explain plastic bag recycling. Plastic zipper bags can be divided into thermoplastic zipper bags and thermosetting plastic zipper bags according to their processing properties. The difference between thermosetting and thermoplastic is like ceramic and glass. One cannot melt after heating, and the other can melt after heating. This feature allows thermoplastics to be easily reused. Recycling plastics is mainly based on thermoplastics, such as PP, PE, PO, OPP, PPE, CPE, PVC, POF, etc

palstic zipper bags Plastic Bags Recycling

Plastic Bags Recycling Resealable Ziplock Food Storage Bags

Plastic Bags Recycling Resealable Ziplock Food Storage Bags

Plastic Bags Recycling Resealable Ziplock With Matte Window

Qiming Packaging zipper bag itself can be recycled and reused. Many supermarket shopping bags have a recyclable logo printed on it! The difficulty of recycling is mainly due to factors such as economic benefits, and the utilization rate is low, and it can be said that businesses are unprofitable. Most zipper bags currently available on the market are non-degradable thermoplastics (degradable ones will never be reused!), which can be recycled and reused.

However, at present, the classification of domestic waste is not clear (only recyclable and non-recyclable classification is not enough), low recycling efficiency (self-sealing bag raw materials are cheap and easy to obtain, and the cost of recycling is high) and other factors make the progress of recycling difficult, most of which are related to Domestic waste was mixed in landfill or incinerated. Qiming Packaging hopes everyone will choose shopping bags with recycling marks when shopping

Qiming Packaging hopes everyone will choose shopping bags with recycling marks when shopping.

In addition to large shopping bags, small snack bags are more common in supermarkets. Here, please buy self-sealing plastic bags. We are also producing this kind of plastic bags, which have the following advantages:

  1. Non-toxic, odorless, food-grade packaging bag. So it can be also used for packing tea, grains, herbs, drugs, ornaments nuts, jujube, candies, some dry food, or cosmetics. Besides, it also can be used for electronic products.
  2. .Moisture proof, anti-fouling, strong sealing, not easy to break the bag.
  3. Reusable self-sealing strip, it is easy to operate, besides, there is double sealing, the bags will be sealed again by machine, so it makes sure the sealing is good.
  4. Good oil resistance and fragrance retention performance. So it can prevent the smelling from escaping.
  5. Good heat-sealing performance, soft texture.
  6. Very metallic luster light reflectance up to 97%.
  7. Good electrical conductivity-can eliminate electrostatic effects.
  8. Compared with another packaging, it saves time and effort, saves costs, and has high packaging efficiency.
  9. 8.Material: PE+PET+Aluminized material

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