An introduction to plastic folding crates

We have a lot of messy things in our life. If we put them in a random place and don’t know where to put them when we want them, we have to go all out to find them. It takes time and space. If such a problem arises, it can be solved with a plastic folding crate. You can use the plastic folding crates to collect your sundries so that you can find them next time you use them. Plastic receptacles are very good in materials and do not add harmful substances. There are many kinds of plastic folding crates on the market. Here’s the size of plastic plastic folding crates and related introduction.

  • 100% brand-new PP material, strong bearing capacity, bright color, corrosion resistance, non-toxic, odorless, in line with safety standards, high temperature resistance
  • Coarsening and Lengthening Pillar Combination Design, Convenient and Fast Combination of Parts Box, Can Be Used as a Shelf, Save Space, Effectively Improve Utilization Rate.
  • The side and bottom of the toolbox are designed with encrypted reinforcing bars, which can enhance the compression resistance, load-bearing and durability.
  • The side of the box has corresponding latch design, which can be combined.

Application:Fruit and Vegetable Distribution, Warehousing Logistics, Deep Processing of Agricultural Products, Industrial Production Turnover, Home Acceptance

The cover is reversed, and the connecting cover is convenient.

Folded stack, clip can be added for classification

The bottom is thicker and the load-bearing is strengthened. Wear-resistant and durable, long-term use.

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