Bung Caps For 55 Gallon Drum

Bung Caps For 55 Gallon Drum are in 8 different sizes and are designed to fit 55-gallon plastic drums. They are available in red or blue color in stock, Customized color can be offered based on the MOQ. Customized service available. Our Bung Caps suit many of the plastic drums on the market. As we offer one-stop packaging products shopping, so the quality of the bung caps is high, with no bur and smooth design.

  • Specification of Bung Caps For 55 Gallon Drum

Size: 8 different sizes for plastic drums, 45*42 mm/68*65 mm/79*76 mm/81*78 mm/83*80 mm/86*82 mm/87*84 mm/89*86 mm available.

Material: 100% new high-quality PE (Polyethylene).

Feature: Dust-proof; Safe and easy removal by side loop; No sharp edge.  

Usage: As match barrels /drum closures, 200 L, 207 L, 220 L plastic drums.  

Color: Red or as per your requirement subject to minimum order quantities.

Customized Service: Can carve your required LOGO or Picture.

Bung Caps For 55 Gallon Drum

If you also need other types of plastic cap seals, metal drum closures, and so on. Kindly contact us to know more, we can offer several kinds of big oil drums fittings and accessories.

Bung Caps For 55 Gallon Drum
Bung Caps For 55 Gallon Drum

Are you looking for Bung Caps For 55 Gallon Drum? Qiming Packaging is a professional manufacture specializing in 200l drum closures, cap seals, and plugs. Above 20000 sets, your own LOGO can be carved on the plastic bung caps. Have a special requirement on logo or size? Contact us today at info@qiminggroup.com for a better solution now. We’d love to work with you together.

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