Are plastic buckets safe for food?

Plastic buckets are mostly used for the storage and transportation of various products. They are not fragile, rust-free, light, and not easily deformed. They are also excellent in oil resistance and strong corrosion resistance. It is mostly used to hold liquid and solid objects in chemical raw materials, pesticides, lubricants, coatings, medicine, food, hardware and electronics, electromechanical and other industries. Specifications range from 100mL-40L.

round buckets

Are plastic buckets safe for food? The answer is yes. The plastic buckets are made of 100% Virgin PP/PE material, not recycled material, so the material is pure, food grade. We have passed many food packing tests and applied for many food grade test reports and certificates of food standard approval. If the plastic bucket needs to be in direct contact with food, its production materials need to be issued by the manufacturer with a material inspection report to confirm that it is a food material before it can be used.

Below are some features of the food plastic bucket:

-Color selection: Multi colors are selectable, customized colors based on the big order quantity.

-Selection of plastic bucket materials: 1) Food grade, non-toxic, pollution-free, environmentally friendly, easy to degrade, suitable for food packaging. 2) Non-food grade, non-toxic, pollution-free, easy to degrade, untouched food, suitable for packaging of coating, glue, chemical products, and so on.

-Two types of printing terms: Silk-screen printing or Heat transfer printing available.

-Can be stacked for many layers, saving space and easy to take away.

-Qiming Packaging provides the most complete testing items to ensure the quality and safety of the products so that the customers can rest assured.

Different sizes are for your options, show you the size list for the plastic buckets:

Specification (L) L*W*H(mm)
0.5 100*100*86
0.8 115*115*115
1 130*130*107
1.1 130*130*106
1.1 127*127*111.5
2.1 155*155*143
2.8 176*176*146
3 156*156*191
3 196*196*125
3 177*177*177
3.5 206*206*117
6.3 210*210*210
6.4 209*209*211
8.8 223*223*252
10.6 224*224*304
12 253*253*285
16 264*264*326
18.5 264*264*361
19.4 278*278*342
21 280*280*375
Custom sizes and colours
Specification Top * Bottom * Height(cm) Weight(kg)
0.8L 11*9.4*10.3 0.053
1L 11.5*9.3*11.7 0.08
2L 15.7*13.9*15.7 0.15
3L 18.5*16.4*16.5 0.2
4L 24.2*21.5*27 0.28
5L 21*18.5*20.8 0.28
short 5L 23*21*18.5 0.33
6L 21.7*19.5*21 0.338
9L 24.5*21.5*24.5 0.495
10L 25.8*23*27 0.56
15L 28*25.5*31.5 0.71
16L 28.5*25.5*31.5 0.72
18L 30*26*36.3 0.95
New Little 18L 29.3*26.3*35 0.79
New Little 20L 29.5*26.5*36.5 0.895
Double edge 20L 30*26.5*38 1
New 20L 30.5*27*38 1.06
Screw 20L 30*27*37.5 0.933
25L 32*28*39.2 1.145
30L 33.5*29.5*42.8 1.530
40L 35.4*31.7*37.9 2.43
The above are only regular sizes, there are errors in manual measurement, please contact us for final product parameter confirmation. Accept the customized service of weight and size.

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