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The wide application of custom sticker printing and the continuous development of label varieties naturally promote the development of label printing technology. Label printing covers all printing methods such as flat, convex, concave, and net, and the application situation of each country is different.

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Plate making process of custom stickers:

During the plate making. According to the different nature of products, choose different printing methods. For different printing methods, the plate making process is also different.

Different methods of printing:

  1. Offset printing is a relatively widespread printing method. The domestic sheet-fed printing is basically the world of offset printing. This printing method has fast speed, high printing definition, accurate overprinting, and full printing layers, but it has poor durability and relatively high ink layer. Light, not suitable for printing brightly colored label products.
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2.The graphics and texts copied by letterpress printing have good clarity, higher printing speed, stronger color strength and durability than offset printing, and slightly worse than screen printing, but the level of reflection and registration are stronger than screen printing and flexo printing, so domestic Most labels are produced by letterpress printing.

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3.The biggest advantage of screen printing is that the ink layer is thick and the hiding power is good, but the speed is slow, the layering is poor, and the registration degree is low. Therefore, the screen printing machine can be used to print labels with weak layering.

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4.The print characteristics of flexographic printing are relatively in the middle. This method is used to print labels in foreign countries, but this technology requires a high level of anilox roller processing and the technical level of workers. Although the machine is relatively simple, the process is quite complex. Not many labels are printed in this way in China.

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If you want to print the most exquisite custom sticker printing, you need to effectively combine various processes in the printing process, integrate the advantages of various printing methods, and form a greater combination of advantages. Contact us now to get more details!

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