How do I make custom stickers?

What are the stickers? How do I make custom stickers? We can also call it a label, it refers to a piece of paper that is affixed or tied to an article to indicate the name, purpose, and price of the article.

custom stickers labels

1.The original:

As early as 1700, Europe printed the first batch of labels used on medicines and cloth as product identification. Therefore, the current label is used to mark your product goals and categories or content, such as the keyword terms you determine for your goals, so that you and others can find and locate your goals. The labels called by the printing industry are mostly printed matter used to identify the relevant instructions of their own products, and most of them are self-adhesive on the back. But there are also some printing without glue, which can also be called labels. Adhesive labels are commonly known as “adhesive labels.”

2.Classification of stickers:

(1)Sort by form:

1. Physical label:The physical label is a brief label used to indicate the name, weight, volume, and purpose of an item. There are traditional printing labels and modern bar-code printing labels.

Scope of application:

PackagingMark,Postal parcels, letter packaging, envelope address labels
Electrical appliancesPhone internal label,all kinds of label for electrical,laptop,electromechanical product
CommodityPrice tags, product description labels, shelf labels, barcode labels, drug labels.
ManagementBook tags, vehicle inspection tags, security inspection tags, property tags.
OfficeDocument tags, file preservation tags, various items and stationery tags.
ProductionRaw material label, processed product label, finished product label, inventory management label.
Chemical industryLabels for paint materials, packaging labels for gasoline engine oil products, and labels for various special solvent products.
JewelryJewelry tags, tags that are not easy to stick to commodities.
clothingClothing label,wash label
AirportBoarding pass, luggage tag
TicketsTrain tickets, coach tickets
FoodLiquor label, food label
OthersAnti-counterfeiting label, encryption label, anti-theft label,Parking lot tickets, highway toll tickets

The other two types are Network label and electronic label. How do I make custom stickers? If you want to know more details,please follow us,don’t miss the next introduction!

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