How To Identify Safe Plastic For Pets

Everyone should know that many of the pet products are made of plastic. For example, pet food covers and PET jars (refer to the picture like below). But, do you know how to choose more safety plastic products for pets? Here I have some suggestions and recommendations for your reference. Contact us!

1. Material

The material of high-quality plastics are PVC or PE materials, and all plastic products for pets should be food-grade, non-polluting, and recyclable. Our products meet all of the above features.

2. Look at the gloss and production process of plastic products

 PVC plastic itself is very shiny and many of the inferior plastic products are recycled and processed from waste plastic products. In addition, our PET jar is made by automatic machine, no hand touching in production to increase the efficiency of production, the mold and product are clearly visible and high quality.

And our pet food can lids are also food grade PE material,they could isolation odor,endure high temperatures,it’s hard,not easy to distort.

3. Try it by yourself

For safety reasons,I would like to recommends the customers could use a plastic product for pets to see if there are any safety hazards and whether it is suitable for your baby. You also need to smell if there is a pungent odor, and if so, you must give up the purchase at once. Our products are odorless, do not add any harmful ingredients, and we also provide free samples.

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