What’s the usage of clear PET cans?

1. As a container of pencils.

As we all know, when children finish their homework, stationery is often placed on the table in a disorderly manner, and a sturdy plastic Bottle is a good solution. Qiming transparent plastic jars have various types and accept custom service to meet the requirements. Now we will introduce clear PET jar for you.

2、As the box of gifts.

Everyone wants gifts for the holidays.No one can resist the sweetness of a bottle of pink candy.Qiming plastic cans provide customized packaging, you can match colors according to your products, custom patterns.

3、As the package of nuts/dry fruits / flowers.

Many young people like to watch movies at home by themselves, so snacks become an indispensable part. As nuts and dried fruits become more popular, packaging has become a major concern for many manufacturers. Qiming company launched transparent plastic buckets, provide three ways of sealing, easy to meet the sealing requirements of different foods.

4、As the package of seafood

Seafood has a strong smell and needs to be kept fresh, so the sealing of packaging is very high. There are three ways to open the mouth of the transparent plastic pot produced by qiming company, including the easy-to-pull cover sealing mode with high freshness performance. As for food packaging, We could provide customized service to meet various requirements. Transparent clear PET jar of various volumes can be customized.

5、Why do manufacturers turn to PET plastics when they could choose other types of materials that may be more readily available? 

A number of benefits come from the use of PET plastic jars. Perhaps one of the most important characteristics of it is its intrinsic viscosity. It absorbs water from the surroundings, which makes it hygroscopic as well. This allows the material to be processed using a common molding machine and then dried. It has an excellent level of wear resistance compared to other plastic jars.

It has a high flexural modulus (making it flexible.)

It has a superior level of stability making it versatile and strong.

It has a low coefficient of friction making it useful in various applications in which other plastics are not.

The plastic’s chemicals do not leak into the fluid or food stored within it – making it one of the most important products for food storage.

The plastic’s chemicals do not leak into the fluid or food stored within it – making it one of the most important products for food storage. These physical properties make it an advantageous option for manufacturers who need safe plastics for use with food products or for continuous use.

PET plastics are durable and strong. Most applications can be used repeatedly (recycling is a possibility with these products). In addition, it is transparent, making it quite versatile for various applications. It is resealable; because it is easy to mold into any shape, it is easy to seal. It is also unlikely to shatter. Moreover, perhaps most importantly in many applications, it is an inexpensive type of plastic to use.

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