Plastic Zip Lock Bags

What are the plastic zip lock bags?

Zip lock bag (also known as compact bag, bone bag, sealed bag, zipper bag, keel bag, English: plastic zip lock bags, Reclosable Bag, Sealing bag, Zipper Closure Bag, Bone bag).Polyethylene (LDPE) and high-voltage linear polyethylene (LLDPE) are blown film forming, and eagerly cut machine-made bags to make a plastic bag that can be sealed repeatedly.

Qiming plastic zip lock bags can be divided into three categories:Flat bottom ziplock bag,Stand up ziplock bag,8 seal ziplock bag.These three types of tapes are all aluminized zip lock bags.

flat plastic zipper bags
stand up ziplock pouch
8 seal zipper bags

What are the product advantages of plastic zip lock bags?

1.Plastic zip lock bag is easy to use,lightweight material,save effort and time when packing and shipping,save packaging cost and shipping cost.

2.Plastic zip lock bags can be made into printed bags,card head bag etc.The slogan or pattern of the manufacturer is printed on the bag body,make the packaging more beautiful and attract consumers’ eyes.

3.Plastic zip lock bags can be customized,it can be made into the effect the customer wants according to the customer’s requirements.

What is benefits of using plastic zip lock bags?

  Plastic zip lock bags are widely used in our lives and play a very important role,the most basic function is the plastic zip lock bags packaging, which may cause damage, deformation, deterioration, moldy and other problems in the various links of production and circulation.Therefore, choose suitable ziplock bag packaging materials, packaging methods, and packaging techniques to protect the goods and prevent these problems from occurring.

  Good plastic zip lock bags packaging is a medium to induce consumers to buy, and other packaging designs, colors, and text are the description of the product.It has the function of information transmission.The product name, manufacturer, date, storage, and method of use on plastic zip lock bags packaging are all important information that consumers need.The novelty, uniqueness, difference, and ease of purchase of plastic zip lock bags packaging can promote sales.

  Plastic zip lock bags also has the function of protecting resources, can transport the useful part of agricultural and sideline products to the city, reduce the generation of garbage. This greatly reduces the loss rate of agricultural and sideline products and also saves circulation resources and storage space. Part of the ziplock bag packaging materials can also be used for secondary use or used to package other items, some exquisite packaging can also be collected.

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