Plastic Stackable Container Turnover Crate Logistic Box

What safety precautions should be paid attention to when using plastic stackable container turnover crate to transport goods?


In the field of warehousing and logistics, plastic stackable container turnover crate is a very useful container unit, using it for cargo storage, transportation and handling operations can help improve production and transportation efficiency, thereby enhancing the market competitiveness of enterprises. Therefore, many manufacturing, logistics and transportation companies are using it, and its use has been popularized. So far, it is a standardized and universal container.  

   1.It is more important to choose suitable specifications and varieties of plastic stackable containers turnover crate to transport goods.

For example, if it needs to be used in cold storage, we should choose boxes made of HDPE raw materials instead of PP materials. This is because the performance of HDPE at low temperatures is much stronger than that of PP materials. PP materials are at low temperatures. It is easy to become brittle and easily damaged during operation, which may cause safety accidents. The HDPE material can also be used normally in an environment of minus 20 degrees. The temperature of many cold storages generally will not be below minus 20 degrees, usually not lower than this temperature; if it is to be used with plastic pallets, shelves, and other storage equipment If the appliance is used together, choose the appropriate size. Never use it when the size does not match well, otherwise, it will easily slip and damage the goods, or even cause a safety accident. Choose anti-static varieties for transporting electronic products and parts.

Plastic turnover basket

2. When we use plastic stackable containers turnover crate to transport goods, one box should not be too full.

If the box is too full, when the box is moving, it will easily cause the goods on it to fall, and if it needs to be stacked on each other for transportation, the crate above are also easy to press on the goods and damage, and this seriously affects the stability of the stack.When loading the goods, at least 1-2cm of the upper edge of the low pressure is safer.

3. When using  plastic stackable containers turnover crate to transport fragile items, put soft fillers in the boxes to isolate them.

The purpose of this is to prevent the goods in the crate from colliding with each other due to the severe shaking of the transport vehicle. Especially for electronic products, they are sometimes transported to prevent static electricity.

4. After stacking the plastic stackable container turnover crate filled with goods on the transport vehicle, pay attention to check whether the stacking is stable.

 The general design structure of the standard and universal varieties is relatively scientific and reasonable. The bottom and the upper edge of the box can be buckled with each other. They have a special structure that can be buckled and buckled with each other, but sometimes some boxes are not buckled when stacking. Firmly, this requires us to check carefully. Generally, the upper and lower boxes are buckled when they are neatly stacked, which is relatively stable, which is easy to check.

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