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paint tin cans
paint tin cans

1) Introduction to Paint Tin Container:

 A Paint tin can is a tin made of tinplate, which is coated with tin on the surface of the iron. To play a protective role. Generally speaking, printing (offset printing), commonly known as printed tin cans, is used for exquisite packaging.

2) What is tinplate?

   Tinplate (English tinplate) is the abbreviation of tinned cold rolled steel sheet. It is a metal material with a very thin layer of tin (0.10-0.15um) plated on a high-quality low-carbon (carbon content <0.13%) steel sheet, also known as a Tinned iron sheet. It is composed of five layers: steel base 1, tin-iron alloy layer 2, tin layer 3, a tin oxide film 4, and oil film 5. Generally, the thickness of the tinplate ranges from 0.18-0.35mm.

paint tin cans
paint tin cans

3) Advantages of Paint Tin Container:

    1. Good mechanical properties: Compared with other packaging containers, such as plastic, glass, and paper containers, tinplate cans have greater strength, good rigidity, and are not easy to break. Not only can it be used for small sales packaging, but also the main container for large transport packaging.  

    2. Excellent barrier properties: Tinplate cans have better barrier properties than any other material, with good gas barrier properties, moisture resistance, light-shielding properties, and fragrance retention. In addition, the seal is reliable and can reliably protect the product.  

    3. Mature technology and high production efficiency: The production history of tinplate cans is long, and the mature technology has a complete set of production equipment to match it. The production efficiency is high and it can meet the packaging needs of various products.  

    4. Exquisite decoration: metal material has good printing performance; the pattern trademark is bright and beautiful, and the produced packaging container is eye-catching, which is an excellent sales packaging.  

    5. Variety of shapes: tinplate cans can be made into various shapes according to different needs, such as square cans, oval cans, round cans, horseshoe shapes, trapezoids, etc., which not only meet the packaging needs of different products, but also make packaging containers more varied and promote Up sales.  

6. Tinplate cans can be recycled and reused: in line with international environmental protection requirements and in line with future product trends.

paint tin cans
Paint Tin Container

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Do you know about empty tin cans?

empty tin cans
tin cans

Tinplate cans are commonly known as tin cans, tin boxes, It’s a tin can made of tinplate.Tinplate is tin on the surface of iron. To play a protective role.Generally speaking, printing is used for the exquisite packaging, commonly known as printed tin cans.

Do you know the purpose and characteristics of empty tin cans?

tin cans

Tinplate cans has a wide range of applications in the packaging industry due to its good sealing, anti-corrosion, light resistance, firmness and unique metal decoration charm.It is the universal packaging variety in the world.With the continuous enrichment of various CC materials and DR materials, the development of packaging products and technology is promoted, and it is also full of innovation.

The empty tin cans advantage:

  1. Opaque performance:

In addition to spoiling food, light can also cause changes in protein and amino acids.However, vitamin C is more likely to interact with other food ingredients through light, causing a lot of loss.The empty tin cans is the highest preservation rate of vitamin C.

2.Better sealing

The container is very important for the preservation of air and volatile gases for nutrition and quality.Tin cans can do this well.

3.With Reducibility

The tin on the tin cans interact with the residual oxygen in the container during the filling process, reducing the chance of food ingredients being oxidized.

The application for empty tin cans:

Tin cans is widely used, from food and beverage packaging materials to grease cans, chemical cans, etc. The advantages and characteristics of tinplate provide good protection for the contents.

1.Canned food

tin cans

Tinplate can ensure the sanitation of food, minimize the possibility of corruption, effectively block health risks, and meet the needs of modern people for fast food.

2.Beverage can

tin cans

Empty tinplate cans can be used for canned juice,coffee, tea and sports drinks. Due to its plasticity, it can meet the diverse needs of beverage packaging and the preferences of consumers.

3.Chemical can

tin cans

Empty tin cans are the best packaging materials that are resistant to deformation and chemicals, and are the best material for bullet-proof and shock-proof.

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