PVC and PE

The Difference Between PVC and PE

Our life is inseparable from plastic products. There are two kinds of materials in plastic products, PE and PVC, which are very easy to confuse. Hope our next article will help you understand more about them–The Difference Between PVC and PE. (Examples include)

1) PE materials are compared with traditional plastics and have excellent thermal properties. When the PE material is heated, the crystallization portion gradually decreases as the temperature increases. To increase the crystallinity of PE materials, it is best to increase the density of such materials. As a result, the melting point of the PE material will also increase.

1. PE material is a crystalline polyethylene crystalline polymer, and different densities of polyethylene have different crystallinity. If the crystallinity of the PE material is high, the density must also be very high.

2) Now many manufacturers and merchants make PE materials for plastic packaging products such as water tanks and cans. Moreover, these plastics have excellent anti-oxidation and anti-aging properties. Not only is it cheap, but it is also more durable, and it is quite economical.

2. The main component of PVC is polyvinyl chloride, and other ingredients are added to enhance its heat resistance, toughness and ductility. The uppermost layer of this surface film is lacquer, the main component in the middle is polyvinyl chloride, and the lowermost layer is a back-coated adhesive. It is a well-loved, popular and widely used synthetic material in the world today. Good flexibility, easy to form, not brittle, non-toxic, non-polluting, long storage time, so it has a large

The essence of PVC is a vacuum blister film, which is used for surface packaging of various panels. It is also called decorative film and adhesive film and is used in many industries such as building materials, packaging, medicine, and packaging.

Although PVC and PE have many differences, they are suitable for packaging products. For example, PVC transparent egg tray made of PVC material through the blister process, PE transport egg tray or turnover egg tray made of a PE material through a blow molding process.

PVC transparent plastic egg tray

PE transport and turnover egg tray

The daily application scenarios of plastic egg trays we often see.

PVC egg tray application   

 HDPE egg tray application

Product view about PVC and PE egg tray

Available sizes to meet the different needs of the customers.

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1.PVC transparent egg tray’s available size:

Clear Plastic Egg Tray
Type Size Of Tray (L*W*H) Size Of Hole (L*W*H)
6 hole egg tray 150*102*65mm 42*42*65mm
8 holes egg tray 198*103*65mm 42*42*65mm
10 holes egg tray 240*102*65mm 42*42*65mm
12 holes egg tray 292*103*65mm 42*42*65mm
15 holes egg tray 240*150*65mm 42*42*65mm
20 holes egg tray 240*192*65mm 42*42*65mm
12 holes quail egg tray 138*103*36mm 29*29*36mm
18 holes quail egg tray 198*103*36mm 29*29*36mm
20 holes quail egg tray 168*133*36mm 29*29*36mm
24 holes quail egg tray 198*133*36mm 29*29*36mm
30 holes quail egg tray 198*163*36mm 29*29*36mm

2.PE transport egg tray’s available size:

Item description Length(cm) Width(cm) Height(cm) Weight(g) Packing Size(cm) Material Color in stock
30 pcs common egg tray 29 29 5 140 29*29*5 PE (polynethylene) white,red,yellow,blue,green,black,brown,pink
30pcs plastic duck egg tray 29.7 29.7 5 150 29.7*29.7*5 white,red,yellow,blue,green,black,brown,pink
30pcs big egg tray 30 30 5 160 30*30*5 white,red,yellow,blue,green,black,brown,pink
30pcs biggest egg tray 30.5 30.5 5 190 30.5*30.5*5 white,red,yellow,blue,green,black,brown,pink
36pcs egg tray A type 29 29 7 175 29*29*7 white,red,yellow,blue,green,black,brown,pink
36pcs egg tray B type 29 29 7 170 29*29*7 white,red,yellow,blue,green,black,brown,pink
12pcs gift egg tray 29.6 12.5 5 170 29.6*12.5*5 white,red,yellow,blue,green,black,brown,pink
20pcs duck egg tray A type 28.5 28.5 6 142 28.5*28.5*6 white,red,yellow,blue,green,black,brown,pink
20pcs duck egg tray B type 30 30 6 180 30*30*6 white,red,yellow,blue,green,black,brown,pink
42pcs incubator egg tray 29 29 7 175 29*29*7 white
62pcs plastic egg tray 60 30 6 550 60*30*6 gray
Other color available , OEM & OEM service accepted, matched folding egg cartons plastic crates also available.FREE SAMPLES AVAILABLE .

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