How to choose a suitable professional twist off cap manufacture?

In our daily life, we love to eat canned fruit, and we always buy some yellow peaches to make canned yellow peaches for our family to eat. Teach you a way to make canned yellow peach:

Ingredients: 5 catties of yellow peaches, 400 grams of sugar, pure water or an appropriate amount of cold boiled water.

  • Production process:

1. First, pour water and some salt into the basin, and then wash the yellow peach.

2. Use a knife to remove the skin of the yellow peach, then divide the yellow peach into two according to size, remove the core, and put it in a clear water basin.

3. Prepare the glass bottle, boil the bottle with hot water and control the moisture in advance, control the moisture of the prepared yellow peach, and put it into the bottle.

4. After the bottle is filled with yellow peaches, start adding sugar.

5. Pour pure water into the bottle with yellow peach and white sugar, the white sugar will soon be melted by the water.

6. Tighten the lid, put it in a steamer with boiling water, and steam for 8-15 minutes on high heat.

7. Immediately after the pot is out of the pot, turn the bottle upside down and let it cool.

  • Tips:

1. For canned peaches, especially those that are going to be stored for a long time, it is recommended to choose hard yellow peaches to make.

2. It can be stored at normal room temperature, and can be stored in a cool and ventilated place.

3. Sugar can use rock sugar, the effect is better, or white granulated sugar.

4. Put it in the refrigerator in summer, it tastes better.

twist off lids
twist off lids
  • How to choose a suitable professional twist off cap manufacture?

Comparing the advantages and characteristics of the lid to choose a professional supplier, how to choose the advantage of the lid?

  1. Good sealing
  2. Smooth surface without burrs
Twist Off Lid
Twist Off Lid

3. Built-in sealant

Twist Off Lid
twist off cap

4.Precise size and small error

5. High temperature resistance, suitable for high pressure disinfection equipment.

twist off lids
twist off lids

6.Various sizes, colors can be customized, can be printed

7. Can provide food grade test report

twist off cap

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