Five things you need to pay attention to when choosing a pressitin cans manufacturer?

Canned food is convenient, delicious, and affordable, but many people think that canned food has a lot of preservatives and no nutrition. Is this really the case?

Canned food originated in the early 19th century. In order to ensure the food supply of the army, French Napoleon offered a heavy reward for the method of delaying the deterioration of food. After that, the Frenchman Appel invented a kind of food that can remain unchanged for a long time – canned food. Later, canned food gradually spread to the civilian field, and now it has become a popular food all over the world. There are various kinds of canned food, and the fruits, vegetables, edible fungi, aquatic products, meat, etc. we usually eat can be made into canned food.

Many people believe that the long shelf life of canned food must be due to the addition of a large number of preservatives. In fact, canned food can have a relatively long shelf life thanks to the sealed container and strict sterilization, and it has nothing to do with preservatives.

A sealed container can block the passage of air or microorganisms outside the container into the container, greatly reducing the oxygen content in the food and the container, so that the potential growth of microorganisms in the container is stagnant. In addition, strict thermal sterilization can cause potential microorganisms in the container to die due to heat treatment, physical action, or chemical action.

Others believe that after high-temperature sterilization, the nutrients of canned food are destroyed, so they think that canned food is nutritious. It is undeniable that most canned food is thermally processed, and the nutrients in the food such as vitamin C and dietary fiber are lost to a certain extent, but most of the food also needs to be cooked before eating. There may not be any advantages over canned food. Moreover, most people do not eat canned food three times a day, but occasionally eat canned food, and those nutrients lost are easily replenished through other foods.

Food tin cans
Food tin cans

Generally speaking, canned food has metal packaging, glass bottle packaging, flexible packaging, and other packaging forms. For canned food, purchasing food cans is also knowledge. Here are 5 tips for choosing metal food cans:

  1. Do not use the purchased metal food cans in the following situations:

The metal can is severely deformed, broken, or rusted, and the bottom/lid bulges outwards. The food cans in these situations obviously no longer have the functions of filling and sealing, isolating oxygen, and directly contacting food.

2. The material of the food can:

Generally, metal food cans are made of tinplate or aluminum. For tinplate food cans, they can be used for various dry and liquid foods; but for aluminum food cans, it is limited to the packaging of dry food, not suitable for liquids. Filling and long-term sealed storage of similar foods.

Food tin cans
Food tin cans

3. The composition of the food can:

There are many kinds of production processes for food cans, such as stretch cans, welded cans, bottom cans and so on. Due to the limitations of the production process, stretch cans are generally small-sized food cans. It is suitable for food filling below 200ml; welding tanks are generally of various sizes, and can fill large volumes of food; bottom tapping tanks are also a type of welding tank, but they are different from the first two in the structure of bottom tapping tanks. The bottom of the can is separated from the can body, and the easy-open lid has been sealed by the sealing machine in advance. When sealing, it is only necessary to snap the bottom and the can body together by hand to complete. Easy to operate and save the cost of machine sealing. However, due to the gap between the bottom and the body of the can, the bottom cans are only suitable for the packaging of dry foods.

pet food tin can storage can for canning food
pressitin cans manufacturer

4. Labeling of food cans:

Both regular and powerful manufacturers can provide can-labeling services. Many customers want to make their own LOGO or their product introduction into a label and stick it on the jar, so if customers have this demand, they must choose a regular manufacturer that can customize printing and LOGO, such as Alibaba and China Manufacturing Platform For companies with real-name authentication, the platform will also guarantee the transaction between the two parties.

empty tin cans
pressitin cans manufacturer

5. Food Can Order Quantity and Shipping:

Food cans are generally mass-produced, the individual volume is relatively large, and the packaging volume will be large. The import volume of some small individual traders is relatively low, and the international freight will be very expensive. For small orders ranging from a dozen to several hundred, the express service is better, but the cost may exceed 2-3 times the value of the product, and the total value of the goods also exceeds the market price of local purchases; for large orders, shipping to Hong Kong is a very good choice. , the ratio of international shipping and product value is also within the normal range. Therefore, when choosing to buy food cans, small orders suggest that customers choose to buy locally. For large orders of more than tens of thousands, it is very advantageous to import food cans from China.

pressitin cans manufacturer

After understanding these 5 points, I believe that many customers can choose the most suitable products and high-quality manufacturers according to the needs of individuals or companies.

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