Plastic jerry can

What if the plastic jerry can is on fire?

Plastic jerry can is used to hold diesel, gasoline and other motor oil. What should we do if the plastic jerry can is on fire? If the diesel fires, how to properly extinguish the fire? Let me talk about some tips to extinguish the fire.

plastic jerry can
  • 1. Plastic jerry can must not be splashed with water. Because oil is lighter than water, splashing with water can cause diesel to splash out. Foam fire extinguishers are also not allowed. The foam is injected, and the water sprayed is very powerful, which will cause the oil to splash and cause a larger area of fire.
  • 2. If there is a 980ml water mist type water-based fire extinguisher on hand, it is available. The water mist fire extinguisher is not pressurized, and the water mist is sprayed. The surface of the oil is covered with oxygen to cool down and then to extinguish the fire. But the 980ml water mist is too small, if the fire is too big, it is difficult to control.
  • 3. Therefore, it is recommended to use a dry powder fire extinguisher for diesel fire. The dry powder will cover the surface of the oil and will decompose due to high temperature. The effect is good. If the fire is heavy, you can use a dry powder cart.
  • 4. The most important thing is to clean up the combustibles around the plastic jerry can such as the other jerry cans or combustibles before the fire extinguishing, to prevent the fire from spreading rapidly.
  • 5. Attention before using the dry powder fire extinguisher: 1) See (the pressure gauge pointer is in the green area); 2) Shake (shake up and down to make the fire extinguishing agent even); 3) Pull (unplug the insurance); 4) Stand (standing on The tuyere prevents the dry powder from being blown up by the wind and mixing the smoke to blinds the eyes; 5) Spray (align with the root of the flame, spray left and right), six, process (to continue to process site after the fire extinguishing to prevent re-ignition).

The most effective method of extinguish the fire is fire smothering. Covering and seal the opening location of the plastic can from the upwind by the asbestos quilt to achieve the effect of extinguishing the flame. If there is no asbestos quilt, cotton coat or quilt soaked with water is available. Note: Throwing the asbestos quilt is just first step. Be sure to press the asbestos quilt one by one along the mouth of the plastic jerry can to achieve complete sealing and air isolation. Do not remove the asbestos quilt in a short period of time, and do not open a corner of the asbestos. Otherwise the flame that is not completely extinguished will suddenly pick up the injured person after a short time of re-exposure to the air. After the asbestos quilt is compacted, observe the change of the asbestos in the jerry can’s mouth, and then remove it after it is obviously recessed. The reason is that the burning of the flame consumes the oxygen in the jerry can, causing the volume of gas in the can to decrease and the asbestos being sucked down. At this time, the asbestos can be removed for further processing.

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Different sizes for your reference.

plastic jerry can
4 L Plastic Jerry Cans
plastic jerry can
1L Plastic Jerry Cans
plastic jerry can
80ml/350ml/200ml Plastic Jerry Cans


Capacity Size
200ml 68*40*175mm (L*W*H)
300ml 62.3*162mm (Bottom Dia*Height)
750ml 113*57*238mm (L*W*H)
800ml 82*26*130mm (Bottom Dia*Top dia*Height)
1L 116*62*222mm (L*W*H)
104*66*240mm (L*W*H)
110*78*222mm (L*W*H)
134*61*205mm (L*W*H)
130*67*220mm (L*W*H)
2L 171*107*249mm (L*W*H)
4L 225.4*93.3*336mm (L*W*H)
184*128*321mm (L*W*H)
195*103*318mm (L*W*H)
220*117*298mm (L*W*H)
6L 280*360mm (L*H)

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