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What is the difference between PVC and PE?

1. About PVC and PE

What is PVC?

Polyvinyl chloride is a polymer of vinyl chloride monomer (VCM) in the presence of an initiator such as a peroxide or an azo compound; or a polymerization mechanism under the action of light or heat. The vinyl chloride homopolymer and the vinyl chloride copolymer are collectively referred to as vinyl chloride resins.

PVC is a white powder with an amorphous structure, with a small degree of branching, a relative density of about 1.4, a glass transition temperature of 77-90 ° C, and decomposition at about 170 ° C. The stability to light and heat is poor, above 100 ° C or over a long period of time. When exposed to sunlight, it will decompose to produce hydrogen chloride, and further autocatalytic decomposition, causing discoloration, and physical and mechanical properties are also rapidly declining. In practical applications, stabilizers must be added to improve the stability to heat and light.

Industrial production of PVC molecular weight is generally in the range of 50,000 to 110,000, with greater polydispersity, molecular weight increases with the decrease of polymerization temperature; no fixed melting point, 80-85 ° C begins to soften, 130 ° C becomes viscoelastic state, 160 ~ 180 ° C began to transform into a viscous flow state; has good mechanical properties, tensile strength of about 60MPa, impact strength of 5 ~ 10kJ / m2; has excellent dielectric properties.

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2. Main differences-Difference Between PVC and PE

A.The difference in an application:

Polyethylene (PE) applications: plastic wrap, vest plastic bags, plastic food bags, buckets, kettles, etc.

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) applications: plastic wrap, plastic shoes and leather products, film, cable, plastic bags.

B.Different characteristics:

Polyethylene (PE) has a waxy feel and is lighter in weight and has certain transparency compared to the same plastic.

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) characteristics: hard plastic, commonly used in industrial fields.

C.Material performance difference:

Polyethylene referred to as PE. It is a polymer of ethylene and is non-toxic. Easy to color, good chemical stability, cold resistance, radiation resistance, electrical insulation. It is suitable for packaging materials for food and medicine, making utensils, medical equipment, and insulating materials for the electronics industry.

Polyvinyl chloride, referred to as PVC. It is a polymer of vinyl chloride. Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is a synthetic material with many advantages and is an ideal material for engineering plastics. Good chemical stability, acid, and alkali resistance. Resistant to moisture, aging and flame retardant.

3. Products made of PVC and PE

PVC Material Plastic Egg Trays:

Specification on the PE Material Plastic Egg Trays:

UsageEggs packaging, storage, transportation
PackingCartons and strong pallet

Size of the PVC Material Plastic Egg Trays:

Egg Tray Type Size Of Tray (L*W*H) Size Of Hole (L*W*H) Weight
6 holes egg tray 150*102*65mm 42*42*65mm 15g
8 holes egg tray 198*103*65mm 42*42*65mm 22g
10 holes egg tray 240*102*65mm 42*42*65mm 24g
12 holes egg tray 292*103*65mm 42*42*65mm 32g
15 holes egg tray 240*150*65mm 42*42*65mm 34g
20 holes egg tray 240*192*65mm 42*42*65mm 45g

PE Material Plastic Egg Trays:

Specification on the PE Material Plastic Egg Trays:

UsageEggs packaging, storage, transportation
ColorWhite,Red,Green,Blue and etc.
PackingCartons and strong pallets

Size of the PE Material Plastic Egg Trays:

Item description Length(cm) Width(cm) Height(cm) Weight(g) Packing Size(cm) Material Color in stock
30 pcs common egg tray 29 29 5 140 29*29*5 PE (polynethylene) white,red,yellow,blue,green,black,brown,pink
30pcs plastic duck egg tray 29.7 29.7 5 150 29.7*29.7*5 white,red,yellow,blue,green,black,brown,pink
30pcs big egg tray 30 30 5 160 30*30*5 white,red,yellow,blue,green,black,brown,pink
30pcs biggest egg tray 30.5 30.5 5 190 30.5*30.5*5 white,red,yellow,blue,green,black,brown,pink
36pcs egg tray A type 29 29 7 175 29*29*7 white,red,yellow,blue,green,black,brown,pink
36pcs egg tray B type 29 29 7 170 29*29*7 white,red,yellow,blue,green,black,brown,pink
12pcs gift egg tray 29.6 12.5 5 170 29.6*12.5*5 white,red,yellow,blue,green,black,brown,pink
20pcs duck egg tray A type 28.5 28.5 6 142 28.5*28.5*6 white,red,yellow,blue,green,black,brown,pink
20pcs duck egg tray B type 30 30 6 180 30*30*6 white,red,yellow,blue,green,black,brown,pink
42pcs incubator egg tray 29 29 7 175 29*29*7 white
62pcs plastic egg tray 60 30 6 550 60*30*6 gray
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4. Features of the plastic egg trays

A.Exquisite workmanship: smooth surface, no burrs.

B. Anti-shock effect: Corrugated design prevents egg vibration and effectively protects eggs.

C. Various types: 12/20/30/42/48/55/62/72/150 holes in stock, other types also be customized.

D.Suitable for eggs daily turnover, long-distance transportation, and Incubator use.

E.Can be stacked for more than 10 layers, saving space and easy to be taken away.

F. Can be loaded in the container truck two meters high.

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