Empty Chafing Fuel Tin Cans

Chafing fuel tin cans is a containers specially used to hold fuel. It is easy to use, safe and portable. It can be refilled after the fuel is used up, and can be used again after filling. Tangshan Qiming Company is a company specializing in the production of chafing fuel tin cans. It is a professional supplier integrating R&D, production and sales. It has rich experience in this industry and can provide you with the best quality and most suitable chafing fuel tin cans.

Ethanol Chafing Fuel Cans Methanol Gel Chafing Fuel Cans
Empty Chafing Fuel Tin Cans

Chafing fuel tin cans are generally divided into four sizes according to different use times. The so-called use time is the time for the fuel to burn after filling the Chafing fuel tin cans with fuel, respectively 2/4/6/8 hours. The longer the time, the larger the size of the Chafing fuel tin cans. 

Empty Chafing Fuel Tin Cans

And The chafing fule can have 1-4 wick heads. 1 head high can: 8.3*5.5cm (Dia*Height), 2 heads high can: 8.3*5.5cm (Dia*Height),3 heads high can: 8.3*5.5cm (Dia*Height), single head fire for 6 hours;4 heads high can: 8.3*5.5cm (Dia*Height), single head fire for 6 hours

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Fire off methods:

-If the fuel tank fuel is not used out, it can be blown out or covered with the outfire cover. After the fire is out, cover it with the blue plastic cover to be moisture-proof.

-Use the top of the wick to the bottom of the pan to allow 2-3 cm of flame space to allow the outer flame to fully touch the bottom of the pan so as to achieve the best firepower and heat.

*Fire matching:

-1 head is suitable for heat preservation, tea, and roasted fish.

-2 heads are suitable for roast fish, hot pot, bean, and seafood

-3 heads and 4 heads are suitable for small chafing dishes, bean fishing, seafood, and takeout chafing dishes.

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