Plastic Caps for Tubing & Pipe Ends

Flange protection cover, the material is low-density polyethylene (PN) material. There are a variety of protection solutions to meet your special requirements. Products are widely used in nuclear power, aviation, electronics, construction, precision instruments, oil, gas, chemical, medicine, food, water conservancy, power, pressure vessels, mechanical processing, and other industries.

We are providing high-grade quality Plastic End Cap which is easy to install and use. We offer Plastic Pipe End Cap with tabs on the caps for easy handling and easy removal if necessary. These caps are easy to remove. Our Plastic Pipe End Cap is highly effective and efficient in nature. We are testing these caps to assure their flawlessness. With the high conductivity, corrosion resistance, and excellent finishing, we are offering a perfectly suitable Plastic Pipe End Cap.

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Plastic Caps for Tubing & Pipe Ends
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Plastic Caps for Tubing & Pipe Ends

1, Healthy, non-toxic: This product is a kind of Eco-friendly material. It is food grade and can be used for a pure drinking water pipeline systems.

2. Heat resistance: Under the stipulated long-term continuous working pressure, the temperature of the water transported by the pipeline can reach 95℃.

3. Corrosion resistance, no scaling: It can be exempted from pipe scaling jam and basin, no worry of bathtub yellow rust.

4. Thermal insulation and energy saving: Thermal conductivity is only metal.

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The steel pipe guard cap has different classification standards in the use, according to certain ways and methods of use and promotion. The flexible four-eye seal is easy to use not crack or breaking, even in severe weather, moisture, and chemical applications. It is suitable for all valve/flange ends that require dust, water, and transportation protection (or friction).

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